Evam – 2017!!

A year is not just about 365 days in passing. And rather than looking at if the year was productive or unproductive, isn’t it just wise to sit back and have fun? That’s what we intend to so. But still we lets have a look at what 2017 had in store for evam!

January started with the launch of “New Material Nights” from evam Standup Tamasha at Savera Bay 146. This gave a platform to the comics to try out their new content and get a gauge of the audience reactions. The pub shows and the corporate shows count crossed 100 and going on strong across Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

NMN Schedule

This year also saw the final rounds of Praveen Kumar’s Orthodoxically Me, KK’s 2nd Decoction and Special solo show of the duo Alex and Baggy – Yogi and the Bear, the finale of this being the UK tour of Praveen and Alex presenting “Orthodoxically Yogi”. We collaborated with The Rotary Club of Adayar and did a charity show to raise funds for Government schools and the show was aptly named “LOL for a Cause” with the artists Anu Menon (Lola Kutty), Rahul Subramanian, Naveen Richard and with Vikash Paul as the host for the evening. Karthik Kumar’s 3rd solo “Blood Chutney” did its first round of shows in Chennai, Bangalore, UK and US.


The education division of evam, Happy Cow, started its own monthly workshops from evam premises called “Weekend with Happy Cow” and has plans to continue this in the upcoming year too. Happy Cow had a good summer with camps running across schools and playschools in Chennai and Bangalore. And this year saw the launch of coming up with a module in which, Happy Cow started working with schools in directing Annual Day performances and currently working with MSB matriculation, Chennai and Canopo group of schools in Chennai and Cuddalore. They ended the year with a Christmas oriented Story-Telling session for a group of 60 children. Our Live from evam managed the Theatre Festival this year as well and the 12 days of festival was filled with a lot of learnings and memories to take away! We saw some amazing performances in the second edition of “evam’s Theatricals” as well – a collaboration with Stella Maris college for Woman!


Evam Lab – a repertoire of 10 free lance actors were kept busy through the year with performances pan India for both Training Sideways and Brandrama. They were also a part of various workshops (Voice workshop, Method Acting, Improv etc) and we are all set to start the next edition of evam Lab – 2018.

Evam is also so happy to announce that we are launc… Oh wait! Thats for the next year :)

See you all in 2018 folks! Happy New year :)


About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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