Its Resolution Time

First Rush – each batch on their first show day, would be jittery with a lot of questions on their mind. Will I remember the lines right? Will my play get performed on stage without any mess ups? Will the audience know that I am so nervous? Will my friends make fun of me? Will I ever be able to speak up on stage in front of them all? They all have these questions only until the performance start. Once they go up on stage, everyone performs as a well oiled machine and the show as always ends up on a high note.

Where I am in all this? I am the one who reassures them that people will love them and it’s a moment for their family and friends to feel proud about them and they wont forget their lines and there wont be any mess-ups and that the show will be a success. All this when I am myself a nervous wreck inside and handling a number of things on show day. Keeping in mind the ticket count, having a constant check on the tech set up, checking and rechecking the projector, arranging the certificates, clearing the doubts of the participants – all this add up to my nervousness but still I put on my show day handling face and manage to pull out a good show.

The ones doing First Rush – chooses to do this for various reasons. They would want to start a career in acting, they would want to shrug off the stage fear aspect from their lives, or they would want to try something new for the sake of fun. When they get into this, they realise that the 30 day rehearsals is a world of its own and the bonds that they forge in these 30 days will have the capability of lasting a life time. We have had batches going ahead and forming their own theatre groups, or two or three batches coming together and putting up a show.

The time around new year is where people get into the mindset of fixing resolutions to start something or do something. Keeping that in mind, evam comes up with the resolution batch of First Rush every year. This year its all set to start from Jan 20th,2018. Register here –


About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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1 Response to Its Resolution Time

  1. Thambidinakaran says:

    Sir myself Thambidinakaran, I am an engineering student and I want to become a standup comedian… I have the contents and I can create the contents related to concepts like using mobile phones, watching news channels, watching YouTube contents , speaking with customercares,some social contents and all those were telling about how foolish we are and apart from all jokes I can able to take out the people out of that foolishness from my contents that they can easily realize their common mistakes and how our society made us foolish…all these I need your help to deliver this all…If you give me a chance for once then I will prove myself if not then reject me…
    …if you read this thanks for spending time for reading my request and made it to your concern…thank you… waiting for your reply…sir.


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