Engineering – An art form that sculpted me!



Vivek is an engineer who worked with Polaris after his degree in engineering. Later he realized his memes gave better ouput than his coding. So he joined evam to give us a lot of funny memes and wonderful posters for our shows and workshops.


One year as an “In-house” designer at evam. 1500 design creatives, several pixels and pixels of images and data, good and interesting work atmosphere and I still keep pondering over my college days and why I did engineering… Oops.. How engineering did me!

Being a twelfth standard class topper is not an easy task. Pride, greetings, bouquets, phone calls wishing all day long. Besides, so many life issues, suggestions, career confusions and innumerable amounts of holidays that takes you to a whole level of boredom. Completing 12th standard in a state board medium and passing out with a school first rank is utter chaos.

I was totally confused on what I am going to do after school. A lot of phone calls from friends and relatives made me decide not do what these people advise me to do. Since high school I was interested in media and acting and I’ve always wanted to choose that as my mainstream.

But why would a mother who works as a teacher, allow her son to choose his career at his will? Everyone became an academic consultant when my mom approached them for career advice. Interesting part is even my great-grandmother who only used to drop her kids to school suggested colleges that never existed.

One common goal of my relatives was to make me an engineer like every other cousin in the family. So they ultimately made my parents choose engineering for me. Even though it was an average institution I liked how they chose the college. One of a distant relative of my distant relative was a staff in my college (not a professor but a lab attender). He wanted me to take that college and told my parents he’d take care of me. He became the Godman of my family. Though I hated engineering, I wanted to do mechanical as my mainstream. Sources told “mechanical doesn’t have good career opportunities. Choose Computers or Electronics.” Hence I had to choose electronics.


Four years of engineering filled me with good and bad memories. But I’d say it was totally a different journey (of 60 kms bumpy ride) where I met many new people and learned a lot of life lessons. Finishing my college and choosing arts as career was one of the biggest turning point which transformed me as a guy who could decide what he wanted in life.

I boldly took a move to quit my corporate career and chose arts as a medium to get the meaning of life. I’ll wholeheartedly say arts taught me things that engineering failed to. It taught me the meaning of my existence. It was arts that gave me a different perspective of life. Be it dance, music or cooking, every art form changed me and my perspective about life.


I wouldn’t say it was a cake-walk decision. There were embarrassments, humiliations & hatred thrown at me. Arts prepared me to receive everything as bouquets.

BTW, I wasn’t a school topper.

Vivek Krishnan (AKA) Venkatanathan

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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