My Experience with The Hindu Theatre Festival – Hyderabad!


Aditya GV started working with our Live team from the year 2011 and this is his 7th year with The Hindu Theatre Festival 2017. He was the Hyderabad City Head for the festival this year. Here he is in this blog talking about his experience with the festival.



We have many platforms to showcase our talent – it may be dance, music or singing but on the other hand very less platforms when it comes to Acting or Theatre work! There are no proper subject oriented or skill developing theatre companies around who are working on the motive to present and make a person better at acting. Because everyone is looking at it as a money-making model. Yes! And it’s only because of the perception that our people have. Everyone considers acting as one form that happens only on big screen but not on the stage where people like SRK and Nawaz came from. The only place where they want to be is inside the shoes of the Hero who kicks some ass, romances and drag races but not into the effort of production house. Nobody really understands it.

It all started 6 years ago when I was done with my Graduation and getting my prep done for CAT. That was the time when my immense interest in plays, acting and art form got a sudden spark due to the ample time I had in my hand. There were 2 things that I was always into big time because of my interest:

  1. Movies and Acting(Watch only)
  2. Dancing

Flipping through the Metro plus addition of The Hindu, I found a tiny piece of advertisement where they were looking for a few volunteers to work on their Theatre Festival that is happening across 5 major cities. Until then, I didn’t have a slight idea of how big this festival is and didn’t know that actually people attend this on a great scale. The super excited self in me didn’t even wait for a minute after reading it. Quickly firing up my laptop I emailed the team about my interest and other details that they found interesting and looped me in to be a part of the 2011 Metro Plus Theatre Festival team.

From being a volunteer in the Hospitality portfolio to becoming the City Head in Hyderabad for the The Hindu Theatre Festival 2017 (yeah, it became bigger) my journey was fantabulous. I did every kind of work right from Production, Hospitality, Ticketing and In-venue which gave me a thorough knowledge of how the festival runs and also many learnings which gave me an entry to a domain called Arts Management which not really everyone has a chance to explore so often. Great people,fabulous team, the Hhngouts which you get to do with the artists and of course the plays and the experience always become better every year. It’s a very short time but it gives you the boost and zeal to look/do something better going forward.

The 13th edition of the festival was done like 3 days back and it was a bomb. This year was tough and I took up the challenge equally along with my team. We had some huge production sets that were a visual treat to the audience and at the end when everyone gives you a standing ovation, talks about how well the play turned out to be… the kind of boost you get cannot be matched to anything. I got to work with and meet prominent theatre groups again and my favourite play was Barff which was directed by Saurabh Shukla. Every year, every fest is a new challenge and experience. I come back with so many learnings and experiences which won’t be taught anywhere else. Looking forward to 2018.

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Aditya GV





About EVAM

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1 Response to My Experience with The Hindu Theatre Festival – Hyderabad!

  1. Vijay Dande says:

    Hey Aditya , great work buddy. Good to see you exploring your passion than being a member of herd.


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