First Rush – Alumni Talks!!

Evam’s next batch of First Rush is happening very soon at Chennai. Let’s see what our alumni from First Rush club has to say!


Priyanka Shankaran, 32nd Batch Of First Rush, June ’17

Do you remember that time as an innocent little kid who dreams big when asked “Beta, what do you want to be when you grow up”? That excited child who just gave multiple answers: Astronaut, Doctor, Teacher, Writer, ACTOR, Singer… Actor. I remember thinking that I would like to be an actor at some point as a child after watching a really nice movie!

Somewhere along the way, I grew up and realised that I am a quiet and a shy introvert. Introverts can’t be actors! Obviously! And that dream was buried deep and long forgotten. But the love for theatre and cinema could not disappear in the same way in my mind.

So when I chanced upon the workshop poster for First Rush, an amateur acting workshop which culminates into staging an actual show after a month of rehearsal, I couldn’t hold myself back. What is the worst thing that can happen? So, I took the leap of faith and registered myself.

The 1 month of training and rehearsals are easily some of my most memorable experiences to cherish. The bonds and friendships made there are indeed special. It was not all easy to go beyond the comfort zone, break the perceptions of my own limitations. For someone who might not even be audible to the person sitting next to me, I wondered how I could be heard on a stage to a packed audience! But there is some magic in theatre.

The show day was an intoxicating experience. It was the first time to be on a stage for most of us and the excitement was contagious. It was dreamy and surreal to play the characters and go into this new world and tell a story to the audience and make them laugh. Somehow everything fell in place and I could finally fulfil the dream of my 5 year old self!

This has boosted my self confidence in ways I cannot even begin to explain. At the same time, it’s a humbling experience to watch more experienced actors and realise that there is still a long way to learn and improve myself. But the “First Rush’ experience just gave a kick start into new possibilities and hobbies. It was also a chance to open new gateways and loads of opportunities that might have been impossible before. If you are interested in being on stage, and even a part of you longs for it, this is the place to be!


Sai Charan Kamal, 31st Batch of First Rush, Sep’16

Right from my childhood I have a passion towards acting. I was a part of various plays in Telugu and in English. This passion got developed from school, to college till I completed my MBA. Even though I was acting for a while I did not undergo any formal Theatre Training or any acting workshop. Once I came to Chennai, I was very eager to join any well known theatre workshop that will train me in Theatre dynamics. I always wanted to know how theatre works rather than limiting myself to acting. I came to know about evam’s First Rush workshop through my office colleague. I immediately rushed to evam office from my office that day to enquire about the course. I understood that it fits exactly what I need and registered immediately for the workshop.

15 hour workshop:
The two day (15 hour) workshop is very interactive and is a fun filled learning experience about theatre. The course covers all the aspects of theatre like writing, direction, acting, lights, back stage work etc. The facilitator made us practice the voice exercises which is really useful for any actor to deliver dialogues with better clarity n voice modulation. The favourite part of the workshop comes in the second day where the participants were divided into teams and they were given an English poem. All the teams should understand the poem, then build a unique story on the theme and should enact it with proper dialogue and hand made props. This will be over-looked by the evam jury and appropriate feedback will be provided.

 30 day rehearsal:
This rehearsal mainly helped our team to know each other very well and resulted in a strong team bonding. There were two professional directors, who really understood our strengths, capabilities and cast us accordingly for 6 different plays. The valuable inputs from the directors made us better day by day. The rehearsals became a great platform of learnings, hardwork and fun. Those 30 days passed like 30 seconds.

Show day:
As many of us were acting for the first time, there was a lot of stage fear. Just before the show the directors motivated us to let go of the monkeys on our backs and give our best. Even the back stage activities were done by us. The thunderous applause of the audience at the end of the show still echoes in my ears. Receiving the certificate from Evam is like adding the first colourful feather in my acting cap.

To summarise, First Rush is a great platform to get to know all the aspects of theatre and also to improve ourselves in acting, script writing, direction etc. Surely you will be a better individual after the graduation. The icing on the cake is performing on the stage in front of a huge audience on the day of graduation. Its a learning filled with lot of fun. Thank you evam for all the sweet and lovely memories. You just taught me that acting is a way of life❤


Shruti Parasuram, 32nd Batch Of First Rush, Sep ’16

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Well, ever since I joined FR I have endless answers to that question.

But before joining the course, I went on a mind rampage. Why do I need to act? How will I convince my parents? What if I am bad at this? I don’t want to be an actor; I have no plans for this Jing bang. Theatre is for “those people”. Yeah right! Like this workshop would make a difference.

Yes! This workshop did make a difference. A difference that I would like to see in myself. I was more confidant, I presented myself better and I had better perspective towards art.

After the workshop, my idea of theatre and acting totally changed. I started to appreciate the multi-dimensional aspects of theatre. Acting is just a part of it. I would not say I am a “Good” actor after the workshop, but I can definitely say I am a better person. One interesting thing I discovered was that – Acting need not only be on stage or in front of the camera. I could be with whoever I wanted and whenever I wanted. It opened up a lot of personalities for me. We act in our day to day lives, we just don’t acknowledge it. Any emotion on stage is derived from an emotion you have felt before. I am glad that I found a method to control my emotions and a way to channelise my energy.

This workshop is not at all a one stop shop for all your acting needs, but it gives an overview of theatre. Moreover, this workshop helped me to visualise better as a writer. I can now plot scenes while I write a script, I know exactly where I want my characters to move. I can completely play the whole script in my mind which actually inspires the director in me.

Hari and Rathy are two ends of a pole and made this process seamless. Rathy dealt with dark subjects which would put you on spot and the processes of getting used to uncomfortable topics will awaken you. Hari on the other hand was a burst of energy and would make you think that you a better actor than you really are. The whole one-month process from script reading to staging your play is fun, once you figure out running between home-office and rehearsals.

Anyone out there having the slightest of inclination towards acting or theatre, just take a blind step of faith in yourself and be surprised!!

The next batch of First Rush is happening on August 19th and 20th at Chennai!! Here’s the registration link : :)


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