Starting from Scratch – The Cast Talk!

pp (1).jpgFirst Rush is evam’s beginners acting course which starts with a two day acting workshop followed by a month long production process and ends with a stage performance by the participants. The 32nd batch of First Rush, are all ready to go on stage this Saturday! They have christened themselves as “Starting from Scratch” and their production is called “5 Finger Fries”. The mentor for this batch was Mr.Chetan Rao and the director is Mr.Hari Ramakrishnan. Their show consists of Five short plays out of which one has been written by one of the cast member herself.

As usual, this batch was also a mix of different personalities. One was a life coach, other one a participant in the life coach’s class, one fashion designer, who has already started taking up orders from her fellow members in the batch. In this busy last week where everyone is running to get things done, we made them stop and have a small talk with us. Here it is. By the way book the tickets for the show here :

  • How did you find the FR workshop and the 30 days of rehearsals?

Prashanth: It was like taking the blue pill and exploring the untrodden path.

Syama: The FR workshop was a great learning for me from Chetan Rao. And in the one month rehearsal I have tried to apply what I have learned in the workshop

Priyanka: It was like doing bungee jumping. Because I consider myself to be an introvert. Chetan and Hari just made me comfortable to keep myself apart and put on a different skin. These 30 days were seriously the best and so much of fun. Even though I had to rush out of work early and practice and work late night, it was worth it. So much of laughter and masti! I will miss it when it’s over :(
I thank Hari for giving me the opportunity to have my script even though I’m totally new to script writing. This faith he showed and the platform for such a chance is something I’m grateful for!!! 

  • How was this one month prepping for the show?

Joe: This one month was a good experience. It was really fun. Informative and having a real time experience of making and marketing a theatre play made me feel great.

Joel: I have learnt a lot. I have learnt how to and how not to act. This one month has showed me that I have a lot of time that I can put in use to. I am wondering what I am going to do with the extra time after this Show. Please do come for the show :D

Priyanka: The big day… The thought of so many people looking at me and just waiting to see what I’m doing, watching my every step, every move, every word! That’s scary… But I feel ready!!! :D

  • What’s freaking you out the most while getting ready for the big day?

Syama:  I am quite nervous about the big day as I have a lot of my own people watching me on stage doing a very different character. They are in for such a big shock though :D

Tanay: I am playing a terrorist😅 and that’s freaking me out. There I go! Spoilt the surprise!

Prashanth: Performing flawlessly before a live audience! If I accomplish this, I can start breathing normally.

  • The most funniest moment in this one month of rehearsals?

Joe: The whole crew is funny. Most funniest moments for me is the improvisations we did to form the play “Indecent proposal” and finally my character became a gay at the end of this play. Wait!! Was that a spoiler?

Priyanka: The funniest moments are when we start pulling each other’s leg and all the teasing. Something hilarious happens every single day and I have never laughed so much. I can’t believe that we were all strangers a month ago.

Joel:  The most funniest was when Syama and Lalitha’s romance blossomed during the course of this one month. I am not going to give more details though!

  • A few lines about the character(s) you are doing? 

Prashant: A Detective and a Dad. Both begins with a “D”

Joe: Akram, an Arabian gay. I tried an Arabian English accent for Akram. This is a funny character . Sanju: This character is an average youngster we find all around. For this character a lot of home work is needed with ques and reactions.

Priyanka: All 3 characters which I play are so different and random. One of it was a challenge because I had to be someone I’m totally not as a person. I don’t want to reveal too much. Let’s see how its like on the show day

  • What next?

Joe: I love to work with entertainment sector particularly on theatre productions. I am leaving to Ireland for my masters in management and then will try to become a part of theatre and would like to work on theatre management. Lets see how it goes.

Priyanka: Next, I realised that I definitely enjoy theatre!!! Will look out for more opportunities to learn and improve myself.

Syama: I look forward working with theatre in any of the form and division possible. Also looking forward to learn theatre more and be with the fraternity forever. Hey “Starting with Scratch”, lets be the audience for this year’s “Short and sweet” and participants for the next!!

  • A few words about your director!

Priyanka: Hari is amazing. He gives us the space to learn and express ourselves. With him, its the right mix of having fun along with us but also gets stern when he has to! I couldn’t have been ready for this show without his inputs and encouragement

Joe: About Hari, he is very straight about performance. He gives us criticism which helps us to improve a lot. He shouts sometimes but in the end its all for the good show that’s gonna happen this weekend. Apart from practice, he is a good friend. Overall he is a talented director.

Prashant: Young Talented guy, age 26, eligible bachelor looking for a good bride. Interested brides come over to the show to meet him in person ;-)


About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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