I dont give a Flux… 3rd Standup Special!

I named this article so – coz its why im writing this Note – im in preparation for my 3rd Standup Comedy Special, what Comics define as their next ‘hour’ of material, in my case an hour is always 90 mins… while also having watched my first Netflix Specials (never watched anything digital so far in comedy due to nett nett net unsaviness!) – basically first time watching a Firangi Comic doing an hour for a Standup Comedy lapping up audience!
Watching these specials taught me…. ‘nothing’ – i only ended up being jealous and irritated about everything… about the nature of the premises, about edginess and what the heck edginess is, about the open ended-ness of so many jokes, and the ofcourse the damn quality of capture and ambience and audiences’ tolerances…
But it made me aware of how bloody good ‘my’ fraternity of Comics are, here in India… each time i watch a Peer of mine put an hour out, i learn… i learn from their audacity, their choice of material, their pain, their rewards and their truth to the moment they are addressing. All the Indian Specials i have watched, mostly Live, have all been good – whether they were in jampacked big halls, or small obscure pubs…
Most of these Specials were the Comics’ first, some were the second, and few were the third… i have been able to see the transition though and that has been magnificent – it feels like Darwin seeing Evolution within his own lifetime… a fish out of water, developing fins, climbing a tree and then flying even somewhat…
No one can put an ‘Hour’ out that they feel is crap or quick… every hour is a struggle and every next hour is an even further struggle – the first hour teaches you technique, the second seems to teach you about you, and the third is like a violent denial of all that you have been so far, like a Teenager hating being a child anymore and struggling with Adolescence…
Ill only say this – if it feels like a Struggle, then you are doing it right… the greater the struggle the greater the resistance, and the greater will be the output… it wont be the greatest – itll be close to ‘your’ greatest, thus far!
I hope to grow up with this Art – if audiences allow it, then the growth will be inevitable and sustained, and if they dont, itll be inevitable only… but eitherway growth is what one answers – internal and external!
And there is no easy or difficult or tough or dark or edgy a joke – all jokes are jokes, and some jokes are funny… Only comedy racists would classify jokes… whats low hanging for you is high hanging for someone else, whats dark for you is stupid for another, whats edgy for you is plain for another, whats CK for you is SA for another…
(i liberally referenced SA here coz he is my twin in the pursuit of self flagellation, and referenced only him coz its the closest to referencing myself, and doing that would have appeared pompous and self defeating!)
Im onto the pursuit of “Blood Chutney” – its highly personal and each premise is an experience, not a premise, and therefore what i put out seems awkward, emotional and strange! I have with me some Technique, some Experience and plenty open-ness to feedback to make it funny… but to handle the ‘personal’ i have only misplaced courage and the belief in the inevitability of ‘inevitability’!
And anyone who thinks this is easy is doing it wrong – and anyone who thinks that another is having it easy, is a dense ignorant ‘delusional butthole’.
ps – this is also a reaction to a firang article that ranted against seemingly pretentious ‘Open Mic-ers’ and the only words i liked in that was ‘delusional assholes’ and therefore i did a ‘call back’ for referencing it… and since i even explained it here, i killed all subtlety! La Chaim!
Karthik Kumar

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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