Summer Holidays yet Again!



Cinthoorika heads the education division of evam. Loves travelling and thinks production is one of the best parts of theatre. She often gets ragged by 4-year-olds. But she always takes it in stride.

It’s going to be summer holidays time real soon! I am sure all the kids are looking forward to waking up late, eating all those ice-creams, not doing any homework, playing endlessly till they are called by the dads who don’t find them home on returning from office.

And I am equally sure that parents are looking for options where they make sure that the kids don’t end up sick by all the unlimited (Ice golas!) meals or end up getting tanned by the endless playing hours in the sun. That That man, That That problem.

Before the parents turn against each other or kill each other for figuring out options to keep the kids occupied, the smart ones try and find solace in Summer camps – The One Stop Solution – Safe, Simple and Fun.

However, it’s also crucial to look for options where the child is not having some mindless fun. As much as fun is important, it’s also important for them to be challenged & to learn new things!

Keeping the same in mind, the Happy Cow team has designed quick & fun modules for all the camps this summer.


The youngest lot –”Toddlers!” – 2 to 4 years old. They have their own definition of fun – You can’t really meet that criteria per-se. But we have few tricks up our sleeves as well. They get to play with shadows, lights and sounds and at the same time learn about Shapes & Sizes (Shadow Theatre Workshop). We also have “Mom and Me” workshops for this particular age group. After all, the Mommies also need a break – perfect opportunity for them to connect with other Mums and swap stories ☺

Then comes the 5 to 8 years old. This age group is damn smart! They are getting to know about different choices, likes/dislikes, favourites etc. So they are choosy also. Keeping the same in mind, we have come up with different options. We have “Story Telling through Puppetry” – for the silent ones coupled with their love for “Art and Creativity”. They get to make their own puppets and create their own stories and we just help them with the way to tell the stories.

For the drama queens who just want to get on stage and have fun – we have “Stage Entry” – The Theatre 101. They get to learn about characterisation, voice modulations, co actor dependency et al.

And then we finally have the 9 and above age group – the confused lot! – or the age group which is best at confusing others a lot. We understand the importance of them trying out different art forms and trying out what best suits their character. We have “Leadership through Theatre” for the young leaders who simply love to take the charge or We have “Play Creation” for the teenagers who loves to spin stories. We have covered all the base!

To take part in this fun or to just get more details, get in touch with us at ☺


About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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