First Rush Talk!


The 31st batch of First Rush – evam’s acting workshop for beginners – got done the previous weekend!! From the beginning, fixing up the dates, getting a venue that doesn’t mind the loud voices (well! its noise for them), getting a go from the trainer, coordinating with the people who have registered, coordinating with the venue , ensuring food logistics were in place… everything seemed extremely busy and quite the task! Add to this, the train which our trainer, Ashank Bhandari, took from Bangalore was delayed. The pressure of not knowing whether he would reach in time for the workshop and not having a concrete answer to give to the participants asking “Would the workshop start at 10, as you’ve have promised?” was the pinnacle of tension. But surprisingly, Chennai roads were clear that day and our trainer took no time to reach the venue and the workshop finally started!!!

This batch was a mix of people from various backgrounds. We had a fashion designer, a professor, a law student, a software engineer and many others! We had a quick chat with them after the workshop and this is what they had to say about First Rush and the weekend.

  • How was First Rush for you??

Thyagu: First Rush was a new experience for me. I became a child and got to do a whole lot of crazy things. Unforgettable it was for me.

Nikshey: First Rush Acting workshop – was AMAZING. I got to understand all the basic aspects of being a theatre artist.

Vyshali: First Rush for me was an amazing experience and I think it is an experience that gives you an insight about everything in life.

  • How did you expect these two days to go and how was it for you?

Thyagu: I was expecting it to be like Sunder C film, but it was like a Kamalhassan film ;)

Keerthana: I had no expectations. My empty pages were filled with amazing techniques and learning. What to do and what not to do.

Vyshali: Before I came, I thought they were going to teach us only how to act. But I was wrong. I learnt about the pre-production process, back stage, on stage, showday prep and it gave me the whole picture. The trainer took us through everything in detail and that was very nice.

  •  One word about the weekend? 

Nikshey: Entertaining.

Keerthana: Recreation.

Vyshali: Useful


  •  Which activity did you think was most challenging?

Nikshey: The Feel activity.

Keerthana: The most challenging one was to put up a play on our own.

Vyshali: To me, the voice modulation activity was the most challenging. I never knew i had a throat voice and another voice that comes from my stomach. So that was really hard.

  • How was the experience with our trainer?

Thyagu: First rush training was like in the movie KungFu Panda and our trainer was like master Shifu (actually he was a bundle of energy)

Nikshey: Coooooll

Keerthana: Our trainer was brilliant. The best

  • Is theatre going to be a part of your life from here on?

Nikshey: It was/is/will always my dream to be on stage at-least once in the world theatre.

Keerthana: Theatre has always been a part of my life, First Rush has given me a push to confidently pursue it.

Vyshali: Yes of course! i have always wanted my to do lots of theatre. And after attending First Rush, I have decided for sure to pursue it.


  • The most craziest moments in the two days

Nikshey: The impromptu theatre activity.

Keerthana: We had many crazy moments in the two days. The impromptu play was next level fun. Mind numbingly hilarious.

Vyshali: I think the one where we all were blindfolded and asked to lead the other. So that was my craziest moment.

You want to know about our next First Rush Batch?? Follow us on First Rush

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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