Successful Premiere of Monkeying Around !!


Cinthoorika heads the education division of evam. Loves travelling and thinks production is one of the best parts of theatre. Here she is talking about the premiere of evam’s first play of this year.

22nd January was a good day!

It was a little sunny, with just the perfect amount of chillness in the air,though I would have loved it if the day was not that windy. Our team was super excited – after months of rehearsals, content changes, monkeying around, we finally were set for our Premiere show of “Once upon a Bak Bak Tree – Monkey See! Monkey Do!” at Good Shepherd Convent, Bangalore.

The day started for us with all the prep towards venue. Setting it up – making it child friendly, arranging the tickets, ensuring we are set to handle the crowd! The creative team was also getting ready to handle the crowd, ensuring that the costumes are in place, the ropes are bound tightly (lest one of the monkeys.. er I mean the actors fall down when are swinging on it), Bak bak tree is seen & set for the narration, Karadi bear is well fed for the show (he tends to throw a tantrum if not) etc.

And then it was showtime! The crowd started walking in and our team couldn’t handle it.. It was such a challenging scenario. I just couldn’t brief my team on how to handle such a particular crowd! We were not prepared for this.

And how can you? Because so many times, I had to get the team in line (really – multiple times) Coz once you start doing the baby talk with loads of cuteness walking around, it’s so difficult to get back to work.

The little ones were super high on excitement coz they were getting to see Karadi the Bear, Metro the Monkey, Taklu the cap-seller and of-course, Usha Uthup Aunty.

Show started and it was wonderful. The tiny tots (and even the parents) laughed at the silly jokes and the monkey actions, helped the “Aa Oo Oo” monkey tribe to get the questions right, danced along when the monkeys danced on stage, got to wear different hats given by Taklu, played with Karadi the bear. And then it was time for Usha Aunty to come on stage! And oh boy!! This time the parents went crazy :D


Some of the lucky little ones got called on stage to sing along with Usha Aunty and it was wonderful! We discovered so many singing & dancing stars. All the parents were in awe. There was no shyness, no inhibitions, no looking for mommy to come on stage – Pure joy and fun!

The day ended with the kids happily taking their bright yellow balloons back with them singing, Monkeeeeeys! We are the monkeys!!


And the cast singing – Bananaaaaas! We want bananas (Well, they were just hungry)

We have our next set of shows in Chennai on Feb 4th and 5th, 2017 – 4 pm and 7 pm at Chinmaya Heritage Centre. Book off your tickets right away –

PS – We will not take the blame if your kids end up singing Monkeys in their sleep & ask for Bananas for all their meals for next couple of days.


About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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