Let me tell you how to actually keep up your resolutions !!!


Cinthoorika heads the education division of evam. Loves travelling and thinks production is one of the best parts of theatre. She loves dessert, and you can see that in this blog post :)





I read somewhere, that Babylonians believed that what people do on the first day of a New Year affects what they do for the rest of the year! Hence, the concept of resolutions evolved. Personally in my case if that’s the truth, then I am already done for! My 2017 will be glimpses of cough syrup, loads of beauty sleep and occasional chocolate cakes. (I can already imagine my friend’s voice reminding me of my borderline diabetic report card).

I am sure by now most of you have made your list of resolutions! I am here to tell you 5 tips for Actually keeping to your resolutions.

Step 1 – Make a list of resolutions (Duh!)
I will give you a couple of examples
# Try a new Art form
# Try something out of your comfort zone!
# Get on stage.
# Try Theatre!
# Start exercising!
You get the drift right?
In case, your resolution is similar to the above list, then you should definitely try First Rush – evam’s amateur acting workshop.
Its our Level 1 acting course which starts with 15 hours of extensive acting workshoping, followed by a month of part-time rehearsals, ending with a public performance where you will get to perform in front of a paid audience.

Step 2 – Don’t waste time!
If you think you can start doing your resolution right away, then you should totally get to it. It doesn’t matter, if you had made the list only a few seconds prior.
In fact, you can sign up for First Rush right away – http://bit.ly/firstrushJan
You even get the early bird offer! (Yay!)

“Drops a proverb of Early Bird gets the worm – In this case, you get a discount!”

Step 3 – Visualise yourself reaching those goals!
You know how they say visualising yourself doing the action actually helps! Very similar to how I am visualising myself baking a chocolate cake right now.
In First Rush, your director & co-actors will help you visualise your character. Be it reading different scripts, discovering your role, endless hours of rehearsals, getting the cues right, getting the voice modulation – the process helps you out.
So start visualising – “Goes off to check for chocos in freezer. Visualising the chocolate cake was not a great example”

Step 4 – Involve your friends & family!
Involve your friends & family in your goals. Share your list with them. Ask them to be your sounding board.
When you get your friends to be your prompter while rehearsing your lines, its not like they have a choice! And family – well they have to sit in that first row to see you on stage.

Step 5 – Reward yourself.
When you are done ticking off all those stuff, reward yourself!
“Just like how I am rewarding myself with a doughnut for this blog post”
But the feeling you get when on-stage and you get your ‘First Rush’ – nothing can beat that! Between the rapt attention the audience gives you when you are delivering your lines, to ending the night amidst the claps and hoots, that’s the ultimate reward.

So that sums up on how to actually keep up your resolutions – if these steps also doesn’t help your cause, then join the line.

PS – In case you are wondering where the example of “Start exercising” came from, our directors will help you with that as well by giving you squats and push-ups as punishment , in case you end up coming late for rehearsals! “True Story!”:D


Cinthoorika Dinesh

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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One Response to Let me tell you how to actually keep up your resolutions !!!

  1. sundarraj15 says:

    This is a good Babylonian belief that you have spoken about. With new year, students should start something new. Also, your advice on not wasting time is right.


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