Happy Cow – The year that was!!



Every new startup division in a company goes through a roller coaster ride. So much happens during the journey – The team faces various hardships, the struggle of getting the economics right, getting the right kind of team or even the monotony feeling at times. At Happy Cow, we figured out ways to break the circle and keep it running – With the excitement of designing new curriculum, Hiring of new faculty, hand holding them session by session, launching multiple new projects etc – It’s been a fulfilling year.

Last year ended with a series of graduation plays at all our Happy Cow centres. All the graduation plays ended on a high, with the proud parents giving a standing ovation to their little ones. We saw little mermaids singing at Canopo International (Unit of Cavincare – Chennai), Peggy and her pirates stealing everyone’s money & hearts at JTpac – Choice school (Kochi), Little puppeteers telling their stories using finger puppets at Happy Hopperz Hub (Bangalore) and such similar wonders. Internally, the entire team ended the year with a bang and celebrated over plates of Biryani :D


At the start of this year, we froze the curriculum after 3 years of trial and error. The trainers were also ready with the design and methodology. The long calls we used to have before each session, reduced to 2-minute refresher calls.

A series of summer camps at numerous schools & activity centres started the year for us – Gulmohar Days (Pune), Little Red Hen (Bangalore), Kangaroo Kids (Chennai). Our biggest summer project was coordinating & facilitating theatre sessions at 4 branches of Presidency Group of Schools (Bangalore). April & May have always been the busiest period for the Happy Cow team!

We saw many clients returning for consecutive year-long theatre curriculum modules – Canopo International, NPS school (Indiranagar – Bangalore), Brain E Kids (Chennai), etc. and new clients placing the same amount of trust in us – Saraswathy Vidyalaya (Chennai), Honeybeez (Bangalore), NSN chain of schools (Chennai) etc.

Apart from weekly sessions at partner schools and activity centers, we also launched BigHero6 – our ‘open to public’ workshop series on Leadership Skills & Personality Development. As the first stage of this series of workshops, we conducted a “Leadership through Theatre” workshop for a bunch of energetic teenagers.


For the second consecutive time, we were involved in a wonderful production, working with a brilliant new bunch of children at the Mahindra Research Valley. The enthusiasm of those kids in learning the dialogues and trying to up their game from the previous year performance, was very inspiring!


The Journey so far has been inspiring and we are excited for the road ahead. We want to do more. Face more challenges, start new endeavours, reach more children! 2017 is going to be an exciting ride for all of us at Happy Cow. We are going big and new!

A lot of preparation is going on and we are keeping our fingers crossed! Happy Cow will be a part of many children’s lives, bringing in cheer and learning! Super excited!
2017… Here we come!!! Mooo!!!

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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