The Actors Talk – Evam Lab


Its time to know a little about a few of our evam Lab actors. Let’s see what Kalesh Ramanand, Bhargav Ramakrishnan aka Baggy, Saadiya Shireen, Arjun Chidambaram and Vikas has to say

  • Why Acting?

Saadiya Shireen: Because I don’t have the brains to be an astrophysicist or the cooking skills to be an ideal housewife. Also, I’m kinda indecisive. So acting seemed to be the best option. 
Seriously though, long story short; I was a shy, friendless kid that fell in love with stage at age 13. That’s it.

Arjun Chidambaram (He listed out his reasons):

A) The possibility of enjoying and experiencing Alternate realities.
B) Good looks should not be wasted.
C) The world needs more jokers

Baggy: Coz pretending to be other people always felt more interesting than anything going on in my actual life.. Seriously speaking though,  I’m just a glory hog. I love being on stage,  It’s where I feel at home the most..

  •  How was your very first audition like?

Vikas: My first audition was for a tamil play called “Bharathi” in which i played the role of a JOKER. I never felt it as an audition, it was easy for me.

Kalesh Ramanand: My very first audition was for a reality talent show for a Tv channel. I was waiting for the whole day for my turn and by the time I was about to get in, I was literally drained out emotionally and physically. Waiting for 12 hours for your turn to come and wondering what would happen, the anxiety and restlessness had taken its toll by then. But how much ever tired you are, somehow an artist comes alive when he’s asked to perform. It was around midnight and I remember I sang a few songs, I acted out a monologue, I recited an improv poem for a situation they gave, I danced for a tamil song that they played. I did everything I could. I had this mad energy in those late hours of the night just because I didn’t want to lose my opportunity. That night I was really proud of myself. Of-course I got selected for the show, but by the time the show ended after few months I realised there was no reality in those reality shows and decided not to waste my time on them again. Lol.


For stage: 2nd standard. Not too great. I ended up playing one of Mother Mary’s donkeys for the annual Christmas play. Fast forward a few years and in 8th I did my first full length play for school. Audition was flawless, if I may say so myself. Hehehehe. I played Robin Hood (mainly because I was in an all girls convent)
For screen: AMAAAAAAAZINGGG!! The director LOVED me, they said they’ll call me back but they didn’t. A month later I found out that the producer rejected me because I wasn’t “hot” enough. Broke my heart. But one day I’ll break his face. WITH MAH FILMZZZZ!!
  • How is the Evam lab rehearsals coming up?

Vikas:  I love my fellow actors.. all are really talented in there own way.. all the improvs so far were brilliant. Looking forward to the show.

Baggy: Working with some of the most fun actors I know in Chennai.. take such fun, crazy, high energy actors in one place and you’re guaranteed to have rehearsals that are a whole lotta fun and completely unproductive..

Saadiya: I love it!! It’s super fun!! Everyone is just the right amount of looney. Honestly, I’m just waiting for the catch. Nothing in this world can be this perfect.

  • Up at the stage on show day, you forget your line and what would you do?

Arjun: React and buy sometime till I get it, improvise.Lets say I forget a line, I will react in silence as the character and look for hints from my co actors. I will communicate my situation subtly to my co actors and improvise with them to get through the situation.Sign language or code words like “oops I did it again” or ” its harder than I thought” would be devised in advance and be my means to communicate to seek support.

Baggy: I never forget my lines, on the rare chance that I do forget my Line, I also forget that I’ve forgotten my line.. So God save my fellow actors!

Kalesh: Well, fortunately that hasn’t happened till now. I’ve mis-placed a prop or I’ve had wardrobe malfunctions etc. This one time during our Bollywood Kee Maa show in Singapore, my pants tore from behind when I did somersault in a scene. But luckily I managed to pull through the climax sequence without no one noticing it. I guess my Co actor Ashank had a hunch because I was walking funnily during the action sequence with him. It was a tedious endeavour on stage but post show we all had a laugh about it. But ya, if I really forget a line then I would probably beat around the bush by saying few lines of my own and by then I would be able to recollect the actual line and eventually manage to give the Co-actor the right cue for his/her line. Obviously I would have given my co-actor, the shock of their lives for a minute as they would be wondering where these new lines come from. Haha!  :P

  •  Pick one of your fellow actor from Evam lab and share the funniest thing u noticed about them at evam lab rehearsals.

Arjun:  1 option not enough

Saadhya – She is always in a parallel universe or in other words spaced out

Shravan and Baggy –  They remind me of a teddy bear siblings. Cute, bubbly and expressive.

Vikas: Cant remember one particular thing. All of us showed our funny side during improvs and games.

Kalesh:  Hmm…I can’t really recollect any one moment. There have been lot of laughter and funny things happening in the past week of rehearsals. But ya, once Amit had given us an exercise where we had to enact like an animal and do one humanly action with it. For eg: I acted like a deer who types the type writer with his horns. So, Akshay acted like a dog and went around smelling everyone and woofing and then went and did the peeing action on the wall and then came and sat down. Everyone clapped and laughed but Amit asked him what was the human element in it. He obviously got carried away with the whole animal act that he had forgotten about the human action. But to his rescue he was smart enough to think and quickly reply “Peeing on the wall was the human element” and everyone broke into a laughter!


About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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