First Rush – Alumni Talk!

Evam’s next batch of First Rush is happening very soon at Chennai. Let’s see what our alumni from First Rush club has to say!


Siddhartha Satyabrata Swain, Facilitator at Happy Cow, First Rush (June 2013)

I always wanted to be a performer in front of an audience but the big picture in my mind was i wanted to be an Actor. I had danced, played various instruments, but the only issue was I had never acted in my life. But in India, the states that have strong theatre productions like West Bengal,Kerala, Gujarat,Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu or my own home state of Odisha, they all had one thing in common regarding theatre acting and that is you have to start from the scratch, and to reach to a level where you would have your own production, it would eat up a healthy 2 years of your life and your only glory moments on stage would be static roles like ” A Tree” or ” A Corpse”

But you are really really lucky if you could start your entertainment career through evam’s First Rush like me.
These are the things that First Rush takes care of-
1. They are only looking for the passion to be a performer in you,hence it does not matter if you have performed as an actor before.
2. They will help you set up your own production in 30 days.
3. They will help you build your own team with your batch mates.
4. The best thing is even if this is a group activity, the amount of attention every individual receives is amazing – whether its enhancing your talent, rectifying your acting, or facilitating your inputs.
5. You get to do multiple roles,learn the entire procedure of theatre production- backstage, onstage,makeup,prop design etc.
Trust me with my own experience, all the above mentioned things will happen in your life in the span of 30 days and no one and I mean no one in the entire country will provide you with such assistance and guidance in such a short span of life.
All the best Future First Rushers. May you have glorious career ahead of you.
Akshay Yesodharan, A full time musician, Batch 28th of First Rush


I got to know about First Rush while I was working as a guitarist giving music for a play.The actors there told me about First Rush, and these are guys who are full time actors and are brilliant at what they do. And almost all of them did the workshop at some point in life and they told me how it helped them understand this art form better and I just gave it the “Yeah Yeah!!” and the customary nod as though I knew what they were talking about while I was completely clueless. 

I didn’t have much of an idea as to what I was getting myself into but still I went ahead and signed up and landed at the venue for the first day of the workshop on a hot and bright Saturday morning. Including me there were around 28 people there for the workshop, NONE of the them had any acting background which was a relief because till then I was thinking “I was the only one!!!!”.

I’m sure all of us thought at some point how can someone teach a person how to act over a weekend. But it was all answered by Sunday evening where all of us in different groups had to do a small sketch based on the topic given to us. So basically I met a bunch of strangers yesterday and I was ACTING with them today. And boy did we act. There was a lot of information given to us; a lot of it would’ve been hard to remember but while working as a team with all of them you go through all of it and it stays in your mind for years to come as acting is not just going up on stage or in front of a camera and making faces and delivering the lines given to you. You have to understand and observe each and every little detail of your character and BE a whole new person. You could convince your audience that you are Superman without even flying, there is more to Clark Kent than that. You could be a table and be the best, most beautiful table ever and nobody would question your presence as an object as long as it serves its purpose of getting the message across to the audience. 

Yeah, so… that happened. And after that we were assigned a director and for a month we worked with him and he directed a play for all us which premiered on march 30th, 2016 and from that day we were officially ACTORS, Oh Yeah!!!




Janardhanan Raghavan, Director and a Writer, First Rush (May 2011)

“Tale of a Tall Girl” a play that Evam lab had staged for Short and Sweet festival 2016 was announced as the winner of the festival. All the results were announced except the runner-up play of the festival. The announcer had missed it. I had 2 of my plays in the festival. One that I had directed, written by the person who wrote the very first play that I acted in First Rush and the other that I had written, directed by another First Rush fellow. Both were in the finals of the festival. Both were contesting with 9 other plays in the competition. While I waited for the results I realized evam, that opened me to the world of theatre, the ever so friendly folks, were right behind me giving suggestions and pep-talking for my play all the while. Both my plays won runner-up for the festival. From the shy backstage guy to losing inhibitions and going on stage ready to be anybody I wanted- Life had changed. It is almost 5 years from my First Rush. The rush that I would never forget for the rest of my life.

A play director, a writer, an actor, an executive producer. You could be any or all of these and your gateway to entering the world of theatre is undoubtedly “First Rush”. Not only do you get to go on stage and perform but also you learn the nitty-gritty of live stage productions. And whatever you do during or after your first performance, be assured evam and its people are going to be behind you giving you a push and opening you up to a whole lot of opportunities forever.
First Rush was definitely my window to escape my regular day job and start something so exciting that someday I would end up making a career out of it.
First Rush has most certainly been the best decision of my life till date.
So ready to experience the First Rush by yourself? Register for the next batch right away :)

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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