#VISADoubleOK !!

Three months back, our big bad tour of USA – was called off and postponed due to inexplicable problems with the VISA (despite us having visited to perform twice before!) The worst part of it – huge losses, logistical nightmares, severe rearranging of pretty much everything. The best part – we managed to figure all that out, pick ourselves up and get going on the tour just 2 months after.  :-)

So yeah!! The tour that we have all been looking forward kick-started this month! KK and SA’s tour of the USA – #VISADoubleOK. If you are in America, have friends there (if you don’t fall under any of the two categories – WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON EARTH!)

Here are some quick updates about our 40-day tour across “might soon be Trump’s land”

Oh, and a big shoutout to our partners – Prime Media and Maximum Media for helping us make this happen!


That mandatory “naan Amrika ku poren” selfie from the Anna International Airport.


Here’s how the premiere show of #VISADoubleOK went !


And here we go, America! Our standup tour, VISADoubleOK, featuring Karthik Kumar and Aravind SA is coming all over USA Aug-Sep-Oct! Here is the schedule with box-office details. More cities being worked out too! For queries, write to est@evam.in. CAN’T WAIT! Book now

1. Aug 26 – Milpitas, CA
2. Aug 27 – San Jose, CA
3. Aug 28 – San Jose, CA
4. Aug 31 – San Francisco, CA
5. Sep 01 – Sacramento, CA
6. Sep 02 – Orange County, LA
7. Sep 03 – Los Angeles, CA – tbd
8. Sep 08 – San Diego, CA
9. Sep 09 – Phoenix, AZ
10. Sep 10 – Seattle, WA
11. Sep 11 – Portland, OR
12. Sep 15 – Dallas, TX
13. Sep 16 – Austin, TX
14. Sep 17 – Raleigh, NC
15. Sep 18 – Houston, TX
16. Sep 22 – Minneapolis, MN – tbd
17. Sep 23 – Chicago, IL
18. Sep 24 – Detroit, MI
19. Sep 25 – Toronto, Canada
20. Sep 28 – New York City
21. Sep 29 – New York City
22. Sep 30 – North New Jersey
23. Oct 01 – Boston, MA
24. Oct 02 – Central New Jersey

More coming soon!

For tickets –>  www.evam.in/est-us-tour-2016/


About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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