The Open MIC Community

KK 10The Open Mic is the reducing of the distance between a stimulus to the Mind, a feeling generated, the processing of it, the expression, and the resonance it creates, and its ultimate healing…

Doesn’t sound much unlike a Rebellion or a Movement… and like any such Mass movement that sought to purge, the Microphone is at the centre of it! Don’t use a Weapon – use a Mic instead…

That’s what this movement has meant to me!

I did my first Open Mic only in the 4th year of my Standup Journey – coz there were no such concept that existed before that in my City… what we did before was technically an Open Mic- just that we opened it to ourselves and then after show we packed and took the Mic back home!

But the first time I stepped into a democratic Open Mic forum, I suddenly felt like I was part of something bigger than my own self mutilating creative whipping corner of Standup Comedy… there was a kindred brethren out there, of similar masochistic mind-frigged crazy ones out there seeking a listening… some had jokes, some had feeling, some had a voice…

Since then its the Community that I feel most home at, I walk in to any Open Mic forum and I expect not to be recognized, but only to be acknowledged, as – I don’t know who you are, but hey we are all in this together this evening – lets light up our souls a bit… sometimes we burn, sometimes we glow!

And there are somethings I have begun to expect from this community – yes, I have Expectations of this little community that I am a part of…
Stay Communicated – talk before a show, if you have mind-space. But talk after the show – that is key. Be Honest in feedback – be generous in suggestions – be critical to the face – hug at the end of it!
Help Another – Help another artist find a spot – encourage an outsider to try the craft – give them the joy that someone gave you… this stage is meant to be shared and the movement will grow when shared more… its a movement – not a rationed limited!
Don’t form cliques – go surprise yourself and meet and chat up with new people – pick their minds, and allow them to pick yours… start new conversations -this is the ultimate geek fest – open up and pull that mask off… This is not the local street Adda – don’t make it familiar to you… let it always be strange and new – Stay Awkward!
Don’t bitch about another, when they aren’t there – Bitch to their face and do it with a sense of humour – like you do with all topics and your material… My best friends who are comics are assholes who crap on me on a bad day – I love them and the liberty they take!
Don’t do your bit and disappear – hang around, soak it in… let someone reward you with a thought or conversation…
Keep doing it… let it become a rigour – turn up – maybe you won’t perform, then listen… write at the open mic – write post – let the envy of another’s great set spur you forward; allow yourself to kick yourself when you saw someone else develop your premise… turn up and experience it!
Expand the universe – go setup one at your world… maybe its your office, your school, your building society – whatever – go spread it further and pay it forward…

Thank you Open Mic Communities all around – you make me want to be a Better Comic!

Karthik Kumar

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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