The second special – Second Decoction


Karthik Kumar is the co-founder & director of Evam Entertainment.

‘Second Decoction’ is his 2nd Standup Comedy Special. He recently completed the tour of his first solo special #PokeMe across 16 cities around the world and saw over 5000 audiences.

On the eve of the Week of The Premier, Second Decoction:

The 9 months that led to this Special taught me this,

  • I have more within!

Every Comic, wakes up with a mild fright of ‘Have I already written my best joke?… is it over?! Do I have more within? Will it all come to an end?’ 

Second Decoction let me know that I have more within and it’s brewing, and I need to let it stand a while, and then pour it out when it’s just right!
  • I can say what I feel like saying, provided I make it Funny!
That’s the rule of the trade – to keep it funny! But as long as you adhere and work hard to stick to that rule, you can pretty much say what you want – and when you choose to say what you feel like saying, the Art becomes Therapy!
  • I love the failing, and the getting up again and the succeeding, and then knowing that there is more new stuff to fail with and succeed after!

There were plenty of gigs where bits didn’t work – and I found out the hard way – by the audience giving me the truth – a mild sharp slap on the face… I kept going back to the edit and kept my ego aside when dealing with the audiences’ reaction! It was hard and it was beautiful!

  • Editing is the best Writing
Remove that thing – sticking out there – it’s not working and hence it’s serving no purpose… either make it serve a purpose or take it to your grave! My grave is gonna be filled with fabulous jokes that only I thought were fabulous, and profound thoughts that never became funny! I’ll die happy, but I’ll keep my audience happy until…
  • It’s not a Competition
It’s not – you are not running against something or someone… you are running to stay ahead in your own mind – to be thinking of yourself as the most earnest, hard-working Funny man in the business! To think of yourself as Honest – that’s the hardest part… to think of yourself as Staying HONEST!
  • I have an audience
Pre-sales for my Premiere shows makes me realise that beyond my journey, I have people who want to connect with mine, because within mine is maybe a bit of theirs reflecting onto them… I’m filled with gratitude to be of use!
Love and Brew

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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