‘The Society is my biggest first hurdle to Starting!’ #YouAreYourDream #Fear

Karthik Kumar 1Yes this is true – our immediate society is filled with Nay Sayers – in an ecosystem that sees Entrepreneurship as a Risk, you saying that you are ‘thinking of’ starting something does sound like you just said that you were going to relocate to Gurugram for good!

And they say Nay out of concern – because they fear the loss of stability, security, sustainability and such words starting with S that don’t spell ‘Success’! Their Concern is to be clearly understood – and identified as Concern – and this must be clearly differentiated from what you would be feeling, which is ‘Fear’…

Am I claiming that you Fear? No – I’m merely claiming that we all Fear – we all Fear Failure, and the social ignominy that comes along with it, and not having enough etc! I feared, before venturing into evam… before venturing into calling myself an Actor… before trying Standup Comedy…

The Fear is good – the Fear is your pressure within – the Fear sets up expectations that need to be realised – it helps you set a Target!

But remember – what the Society has for u is Concern – and what u have is Fear – them showing their ‘Concern’ more and more, could increase the Fear that is resident within you…

But let that Fear not grow so much that it inhibits you from Starting!

Fear was my greatest motivator to start – I didn’t feel good waking up every morning Fearing – and I knew that walking away from the Fear is only going to make me realise that it Exists, and I walked away…

Starting is walking into your Fear – Embracing it – becoming Familiar with it – and then once you have exchanged contacts and twitter handles, it can help you set a Target!

The Society says NAY for its own reason – however good intentioned it may be! You don’t say NAY to yourself… Start it!

What you are Starting could become your Life, or it could become a small significant part of your life, or a passionate release and hobby – but you will never know until you Start!

I don’t regret having Started anything – coz only when you Start something can you explore an End to it… not Starting is not an End – it’s an unending life of waking up with a Fear!

Fear is Fodder – Feed off it! Fear is Natural – acknowledge it! Fear is your partner – Swipe Right!

Karthik Kumar

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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4 Responses to ‘The Society is my biggest first hurdle to Starting!’ #YouAreYourDream #Fear

  1. There are 2 parts to the ‘society’. One is the majority which comprises of the naysayers, pooh poohers and other concerned people (the few people who say “it’s impossible but…paathukko, give it a try etc). The other is the small minority which will encourage you, gives you moral support, refuses to desert you in times of failure and would always be ready to stand by you. Most of us listen to the majority part and either give up or not even try. The ones who listen to the minority are the ones who will keep going, face the failures and one day after attaining the pinnacle of success, celebrate it with a party in which members from the majority part would be guests.


  2. iswaryar says:

    Can’t agree more. Confronting comforts. There is entropy and uncertainty until your confront. Once you overcome inertia and confront, you feel at home.


  3. bala says:

    “And they say Nay out of concern – because they fear the loss of stability, security, sustainability and such words starting with S that don’t spell ‘Success’! ” Brilliant.


  4. Vidya says:

    Great piece !!!! ☺


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