#YouareYourDream – Why start anything…


This is a very pertinent question – because once you start something it becomes imperative that you get on the train and journey with it – sometimes you will direct the journey, and more often than not, the Journey will direct you!

So if the answer to Why Start anything is the Individualistic Ayn Randian ‘To control your own destiny’, then that’s surely a myth – let me pop THAT bubble right away.
Control is an illusion – one that we happily maintain through our lives, until a car on the road splashes water on a pedestrian, and that ripple causes a tsunami on the coast of your city, and we try and call it science and ‘chaos theory’ – butterfly effect – poor butterfly, what did she ever do so cathartic than merely flutter by!
Chaos isn’t a theory – it’s a phenomenon devoid of theory! Chaos is destiny!

To earn the benefits of ‘Starting’ – fame, glory, profit, profit, profit…
A good enough reason to start for sure – but this one is actually not a sustainable reason for the Human Spirit! Profits may be sustainable, but the spirit of the Entrepreneur only understands creating Value where there was none, and seldom feels enriched by Quantums of Profit…
That’s why the most fun an Entrepreneur has is in earning that first million, the rest are but momentum and inertia!
Dhirubhai Ambani was the true Entrepreneur Ambani – his sons are merely following the Profit, and are probably having a less fun time (and more profit) doing it… (my theory)!
Opening up a Gutkha and Tobacco stall outside a College in the city is an easy idea – Profit is sitting waiting to be grabbed – and we all have imagined opening up a swanky Xerox shop cum Cafe while in College, for later in life!
But what if we Start something that is an extension of a voice within – and we extend that voice into reality, and seek it to resonate with the world and then sound it off through the sharpest microphones… now THAT is Starting SOMETHING, not just anything!

Why Start anything…
The same reason Gandhi took nearly 10 years to ‘Start’ something that stirred him – he was pushed out of a Railway carriage, while being a First rate citizen in a First world Society doing a First rate job, and was suddenly subject to Third rate treatment because of his ‘race’! Something inside him stirred – and it grew over a period of 10 years – it must’ve started with ‘Wanting to write an open letter’ or put up a Venting Status message, and migrated to creating a piece of Art, and then culminated in ‘I’m committing to this movement of Liberation of these shackles of Race etc, and building a nation that is beyond such partisan inequalities’… the rest of his lifetime was spent in this Entrepreneurship Startup called India! Gandhi’s India wasn’t born in 1947 – 1947 was but a good year for the company, which was started way back around 1915 or so – and the seeds of which were sown even further back outside that Railway carriage as it pulled away from the station… Ironically – 1947 was boom time, and immediate recession in 1948 with Religious rivalry etc – damn – back to step 1 and we lost the founder…

So why Start anything –
To be the change that you want to see in the world around you…
because not Starting feels like Cancer of the soul…
because Starting seems like you are now part of the solution, rather than in the thick of the Problem!

The same reason I’m starting this Blog series on #Entrepreneurship and Starting up –
Because I feel I must!
Because I must voice this before it dies within me…
because you only live once – unless you are Bond or my Cat!

But why should I make it Profitable?
Coz that’s the most sustainable way to keep doing something… ;)
More on that and more later!

This has started! #Evam #YouAreYourDream

– Karthik Kumar

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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2 Responses to #YouareYourDream – Why start anything…

  1. beanscounter says:

    Very good one! I’ve been waiting to re-‘start’ and somehow it’s taking forever!
    Thanks for writing this!


  2. Karthik says:

    Amazing article . Keep going ! Looking forward for your next article..


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