The Bill Cosby / Lance Armstrong Dilemma

First of all this article isn’t for fans or critics of Bill Cosby or Lance Armstrong – people who loved them and later hated them, or hated them and now stand vindicated etc. These are Brands and Ideologies and Talents that people followed religiously and thereafter felt letdown by the Personal / Professional misgivings that was later brought to light.

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Who is this article for? Its for Co Artists in the Comedy Space, or general professional practitioners in the Arts space, and also in the Sport space, since Lance is included in the Title. This isn’t for the ‘Fan / Critic’ in you – this is for the Fraternity member in you, of these elite and now ‘Infamous’ names.

This Article addresses this point – I have seen many Comics today shy away from acknowledging the Artistry of a Bill Cosby – because what he did and therefore stood for brought so much ignominy to the very notion of being a Good human. This addresses the notion that there should be a different shade to painting Bill Cosby, or atleast use a different brush than the one used to paint Lance!

What did Lance do wrt his Sport / Profession wrong?
He took the route that was deemed Illegal by the Sport itself, unfairly giving himself huge Physical advantages making him a faster Biker than nature deemed him.
He created a network of Yes Men who stayed silent through the Rigging of the Sport.
He became the Ambassador of the Sport, but used it more for Self Aggrandisement at the expense of the Sport itself.
He suppressed the truth and lied aplenty – and created an Omertà and bullied his fraternity through Threats into keeping the silence.
He was an asshole as a person to other Fraternity members – constantly!
Today his 6 historic Tour De France victories stand nullified- its as if it never happened and no one won!
Lance is wiped out from History. Only the Lessons remain.

What did Bill Cosby do wrt his Art / Profession?
Mostly all of the above – Ambassador, Asshole, Liar etc – except give himself any kind of unfair advantage which made him a better Comic.
Today all his Material is discarded (or atleast set aside) by Comics as ‘lets not discuss it’ – because it is a notion that in an ‘in your face’ “honest” art form like Standup Comedy, which is largely channeling of ones personal experiences, the art cannot be separated from the Artist- they are one and the same.

And also true is that Comics are a warped species – we have several kinks that in fact colors our perspectives – we make a way to celebrate our flaws and we burn and yet glow!

But the truth is in StandupComedy – the artist puts out the faults of themselves that we are willing to put out – we surely have several others that we choose not to… because we ourselves mayn’t have confronted it ourselves or the surely we deem the world as as yet unready!

Our Artistry has to be judged, and mauled, and celebrated, and trolled and rewarded alike – but only our Artistry… after we are long gone, only our Artistry will remain like a Eco friendly Carbon footprint! We will disappear -with all our false glory and genuine Flaws!
The Artistry needs to be judged for what it is…

I know many artists who are pure ‘Asshole’ – distilled refined unadulterated ‘asshole’ – but their Artistry is divine – oh dear – and even if not divine, atleast good and deserving of much appreciation.

As a fellow comic of mine once said ominously ‘We are all just one leaked MMS or WhatsApp conversation away from absolute ignominy’! The words ring true…

The audience buys the whole package – and hence will love us for all we are – or hate us for much the same reason.

But Frat members – lets get ready to celebrate Bill Cosby for all he put out – because we are Equal Human and Equal Artist in our lives… the Equal human will look away – but Equal Artist must stay back and keep applauding even after all the audience has left!

I personally am not such a huge fan of Bill Cosby – but lets not NOT discuss his work because he treated Women poorly and was an awful specimen of a Human being.

Coz we are ourselves just one leaked MMS away from…

#Love #Peace #ArtisticDiscussions

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