Before Death does us apart… a #StandupComedy love story!

I’ll never again be writing my Second (Stand-up Comedy) Special, while retiring my First, again in my life!
And I felt that I must document this weird weird feeling of Excitement and Fear at the same time…

Poke Me KK

I am at the last leg of a 6 month journey (Oct 2015-Mar 2016) of #PokeMe – my first Comedy Special – a 90 minute show of my Comedy material from the period of 2014-15. I’m mighty excited about the Writing, Testing, Bombing, Editing and Releasing of my current work-in-progress Second Special ‘MCBCFC: Fully Unreserved’, but I’m well aware that that means having to say a tearful adieu to all my old material of #PokeMe very soon.

This Material was my friend, my lover, my cool shower on a hot day and my cold shower for stiff audiences – it has all my signature tropes, and personal anecdotes, steroids to boost any weak show, and cheats to take a good show to higher heights… It has seen me through 200 odd critical ‘inner voice defining’ shows over 2014-15, and has worked its way into my Special of 2015-16!

This was the material which helped me discover who I was- what did I like talking about, what did audiences like me talking about, what did I and the audience find funny alike…
It even has little bits that audiences have never found funny ever – and I still do – you won’t know which because you just won’t!

It has bits where I rant – while making audiences laugh – but I’m just angry and burning in a celebratory way – I can’t explain how that is possible… but it is!

Like a producer puts together a Musician’s album for release – this has tracks that are Rap, with content that bangs in with words, it has R&B where the show slows down and mulls a bit, it has the Rave tracks that will get any party started, and it has the personal love ballad that seek your resonance to complete the verse!
It has done well for me.
But soon it’ll be gone…

Gone – why?
Because its time to make way for the New.
Because the old doesn’t fit anymore – it does – but its just not ‘right’ anymore.
Because I’m tired of walking into a room and not looking ‘new’ – to myself.
Because I haven’t felt vulnerable in so long, that my defences have spoiled me too much.
Because the new sounds like a different me – and I am so curious to find out who that is.
Because that kid at the open mic sounds fresher and seems like he is having more fun bombing, than I am ‘slaying’ (i hate that word!).

I am scared. I am feeling like I’m losing a friend. I am feeling like its a Breakup and I am responsible. I have been here before – but it was with people- and people are easier to dislike – Art isn’t! I feel like its me who is setting the lot on fire…

But better I do it before someone casually suggests it…

Time to move – coz time already has…
I love you #PokeMe – its my last few shows with you – I’ll hug you so tight and lovingly in these last few shows, that may we meet up later in Heaven and not have to ‘catch up’ to connect again! I’ll love you and may this Death not do us apart…

Hows the New one shaping up?
I have only a little clue!

I’m groping around in semi darkness finding out its contours and giving it shape – only instinct and feedback from Open Mics is making each hammer strike sure.
Its fresh, its new, and it sounds like someone hidden inside me- silly, angry, cheerful and seeking peace!
Is it a boy or a girl or both or neither? I don’t know – I’ll love it nonetheless, and I’ll make sure you do too…

Will it be better than #PokeMe at least? Eh, Whats that? :)

‘MCBCFC : Fully Unreserved’ releases Jun 2016! Gulp…

-Karthik Kumar

PS – Only 6 minutes of my material from 2009-2013 made it to #PokeMe – I dread to think what audiences made of me then! Bomb Bomb Bomb… :)

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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One Response to Before Death does us apart… a #StandupComedy love story!

  1. Sekhar says:

    It’s all part of the learn-unlearn-new learn-relearn process.


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