What’s changed at evam for me?




Pavithra Ramaswamy – COO of evam entertainment, an avid traveler, official party planner, unofficial matchmaker and an occasional sabbatical taker.



On 10th of December 2015 I completed 12 years with evam. A lot of people from my current team asked me “How was it in the beginning when it all started? How different was it?”.I was an eighteen year old, who was excited to be working with grown ups, learning the back-end of theatre and the front end of management. I remember the venue buzzing with young energy – our content was designed to get young people to trial theatre as a source of entertainment and hence we consciously made it less intimidating. I remember our director being very particular that the overall experience of the audience right from when they entered the venue till they left was memorable. I remember us designing the show involving the audience – be it an interactive segment or a sing-along or just a one-on-one conversation breaking the fourth wall. I remember my team being extremely proud and excited about presenting the show to the audience. I remember the audience being eager at the end of show to meet the artists and congratulate them for their performance. I remember the brand evam building its first fan following and I remember that growing in the first five years.

Team evam at #PokeME

On 12th & 13th of December 2015 I managed two evam Standup Tamasha shows – SA’s #MadrasiDa & KK’s #PokeMe and I realized nothing has changed for Brand evam. A lot of people criticize stand-up as not being a traditional theatre art form and that we’ve moved away from doing plays. But when you think about it – ART is more about what it does to the artist, the team and more importantly to the audience. Last weekend was everything I had experienced in 2003 – maybe a little more of everything – a larger audience , more joy , more effort in designing the show and more involvement for everyone. What Stand-up Tamasha did to me was it reassured me that I am in the right space , doing what I love for all the right reasons and helped me slip into nostalgia of fondly thinking about how things were in 2003 – More or less the same. So I guess nothings really changed for me – our core values are the same and we just find newer art forms to reach out to the people we love.

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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