To Infinity & Beyond!

GladwinGladwin Rajkumar, completed engineering in Easwari College of Engineering, specializing in Instrumentation. Currently employed at

He is also a theatre artist with The Little Theatre.

In life, it doesn’t matter how much you earn, where you eat, what watch you wear, which car you have… Who I have become as a person, I owe it all to evam.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, you are going to take a peek into the life of an introvert who is freaking out in his life right now.

A DAV school student who chose engineering because his parents asked him to, then a student of Easwari Engineering College… All my life I hadn’t been great in academics, but I had the knack to survive the exams and get through. During one such exam in my 2nd year, a friend of mine asked if I was interested in theatre and management, I had no idea what theatre was. I asked him, “Macha Satyam aa Inox aa..?!“. He stared at me for 6 seconds and just walked away with a sigh. I chased after him and got to know what he was talking, about 3 years ago. And that chase was worth my life, that chase is the reason why I am writing this blog today.

I joined evam then. It was for the MetroPlus Theatre Fest that year . My first task was to usher the crowd. It was not very easy. But I learnt a lot of crisis control and crowd management, which is glittering feature in my resume today.

From ushering, I went on to do ticketing and slowly started managing. Got to learn the art of art management and lots more.

I was happy working with evam, meanwhile my academics took a hit. I struggled to somehow complete my engineering course. Finishing the course was another big challenge. ARREARS!! My backlogs were a huge setback for me to proceed further in my life.

That was the time evam reminded me again, “I’m there for you like I have always been”.
I got a call about MetroPlus Theatre Fest and was asked, “Glady, will you take care of the hospitality of this year’s MPTF Coimbatore?”. I was speechless. All I had were tears of joy.

The world didn’t trust me with any responsibility, my parents were not happy with my life. But EVAM was on my side. I gladly accepted the offer and gave it my best. Hardly slept, gave my everything for MPTF. I was not proving anything to anyone but myself. I gained confidence, I saw what hard work could do, I earned satisfaction. A great show. I did my part wholeheartedly and I felt that happiness. Opportunity is the mother of success. evam gave me that opportunity.

I evolved from a boy to a man with virtues, responsibility and leadership qualities.

A fun fact : I worked with evam and was available at their disposal all the time also because I could watch all their shows for free. :P And that is the best perk evam gives.

From then on, I pursued my love for theatre and started acting. I did a few plays and also directed a charity fund raiser play at Museum Theatre for the Rotaract club of my own college, and there was balance in life once again.

I got a call from evam this year with the same question,”Glady… Theatre Fest hospitality?”. And my mind said, “The last MPTF I did was a warm up, this MPTF is game time!”. I got posted in Hyderabad as the Hospitality Head. I did a good job, true to my heart, hard work, sweat and did justice to my work. All challenges I faced last year were handled ahead of time with care this year. Things went very smoothly.
Everything was great. I felt like I could handle anything and everything in life from then on, with ease and perfection. Not to forget, all of this wouldn’t have been possible if my mentors Thoorika and Vaasa were not around me to constantly let me know what is right and how to proceed if a crisis arose. I am eternally indebted to them.

All the experiences I had with evam is the sole reason why I got through the interview and started working at Amazon.

I’m always at your disposal for everything you have taught me… THANK YOU FOREVER EVAM!

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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