From Mime To Management

ArshadhArshadh completed B.Com with Loyola College. A mime artist – product of the Loyola theatre team and G Theatre Society, he is currently pursuing LLB in Al-Ameen Law College, Bangalore.


I was a college going kid, oops sorry, inter-college culturals going kid. My undergrad years were full of theatre activities, especially mime. I managed to meet many mime artists in and around the city. One fine day after college, I got a call from Karthigeyan, one of my trainers, asking me to attend a briefing with the evam folks Shoosha, John and Kaush. Naa apdiye shock aiyten! On phone he just said “We gotta do mime under their banner”.

But the plan was for evam’s division BranDrama to host a series of mime activations in IPL’15 to cheer CSK, especially ‘Namma Thala’ Dhoni. This was going to be directed by John Pradeep. I was like, “Wait! WHAT?? I am a part of this? Seriously?”…  A sudden increase in temperature, blood was rushing at 100 Kmph from left to right and top to bottom of my body. I almost rushed to the washroom. I never thought that I could come up with concepts on my own, but #DhonisBrain (This was the hashtag we used to promote ourselves, but still we hate publicity :P) squeezed my brain to get the best out of it.

The practice session was the fun part, the whole team enjoyed a lot. “Mutta Biriyani” was one epic dish we had for lunch. I gained so much of experience in aspects like

1) Dealing with the people
2) Eating egg biryani in the bike park
3) Controlling the team boys who ogled at the girls who came to the practice area
4) Dealing with the Senmozhi Park security
4) Performing for 4 hours at a stretch
5) To act super tired in order to get Mountain Dew from Shoosha and Kaush

On the game day I was exhausted because I’d never performed for such a long time, but seriously it was worth doing all that. MS Dhoni’s official page uploaded my photo depicting Dhoni as a Superman, which got just 1,23,577 likes, yeah JUST (I hate publicity :P), and also featured in Sony Max and newspaper articles in Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Maalai Malar, The Hindu etc. and yeah I hate publicity B-).

After #DhonisBrain, I thought the connection between me and evam had come to an end. Then, John called and asked me attend a Happy Cow (evam’s children’s education division) workshop. The workshop went really well! I learned so many new things about theatre, how to control school kids, etc.

After the workshop I thought I would be in Happy Cow. Until one day, Thoorika called. :D

This call was a sudden turn of events and brought me into the field of management. She asked me to take care of the ticketing department of The Hindu Theatre Festival 2015 with Dakshana. I was like, “ME? Heading a portfolio? Chance eh illa!”.

There was John, ‘THE COOL GURU’, who actually suggested me for this, and also encouraged me to take it up. I didn’t have confidence but he reassured me. It was definitely more difficult than I had imagined, but I loved doing this – Late night work at printing press, assembling of tickets, fighting with perforation department fellows, managing accounts, using Google spreadsheet, dealing with online ticket vendors, becoming a privileged customer of OLA, setting up of box office, etc.

I was new to all of this but enjoyed working nevertheless!

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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