The Artists’ Triangle of Tranquility

KK2Karthik Kumar is the Co-Founder & Director of evam Entertainment. Timothy, a dark comedy – Directed by KK is premiering in The Hindu Theatre Fest 2015 on August 15th.

To know more about Timothy and the Fest itself, visit

The element of Commerce in Art has driven a view of the World of Art which is greatly debated, and yet much too simplistic – a polarised way of looking at Art- the Art that seeks commerce, and the Art that doesn’t actively seek Commerce, but surely some other form of Engagement.

This gets debated hotly in circles of Artists and Arts Managers, and even the world of Audiences who debate movies that they loved, but didn’t work, and accord the Pere Lachaise Jim Morrison’s most visited Gravestone status -the Art that was ‘ahead of its time’. ( side note : Couldn’t throw French words into this piece, so thought i’d throw in a venue name and sound just as impactful).

So some Artists create for Commerce, and some abstain from the need to engage with Commerce, although they suffer the fate of it. Simple. Polarized. Black and White – which is which, depends on what you call Grey.

But i noticed something else – a third vertex – making it therefore not just a straight line of a see saw, but a triangle with angles and edges and even a hypotenuse if the angle is right!

I embarked upon directing my new play as a director – a play i watched in a New writing festival in Edinburgh 3 years back – called Timothy. The artistic process just started with casting of the parts and the rehearsals are under way. I realised I’m directing this one – not so much for the joy of it being an outlet of Expression for me, which is currently fulfilled by Standup Comedy; and neither a source of Commercial rewards, which is served more by my Entrepreneurial and Cinema Actor avatars. This one I’m creating for the pure pleasure of watching along with an audience, as an Audience!

This is a new one – this one is not for personal expression, not for monetary appreciation – but for the privilege of sitting in an audience and watching it play out as if its for me, and many like me. I want the audience member to enjoy it as much as i would, and maybe even more. Im not seeking critical appreciation as a director, or seeing my wallet swell with the walk back to the bank, but just share an experience with other audiences that made you feel – happy, entertained, surprised, enthralled and intrigued.

A chef cooks to eat himself, and releases the recipe as well. Empathetic creation – for the joy of balance – the third vertex – balancing out opposing forces by adding a third dimension. The Triangle of Tranquility that is an Artist’s life.

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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