Bucket list 101

YeshYeshaswini Channaiah,they named me 25 years back. Yes, quite a long one to chew on, blame it on the folks.

As my name goes, so is my job history. An engineering degree in hand, a struggling actor by passion, a project exec by profession with evam.

Here it comes from a person, who has never crossed path with pen and ink. So, in not-so-well-crafted sentences, you have it here. A true blue good Indian traditional girl, that I have to be, I’m short on pages of my travel diary. But, yes, I make it up with tons of lists of what all I want to do, where all I want to go, where I want to be, what I want to be. The self-explanatory title as you can see begins here.

1) Increase the contents of my travel diary. My dream would be to set out with no particular destination. A Euro trip would be a bonus, sigh! Someday.


2) The frog in the well scenario haunts me many a times and thus the idea of living on my own has solidified over the years. Again, one day.


3) As the famous Tom Petty song goes – “Learning to fly, ain’t got wings” so does my nest line on the list. One day I see myself flying a plane, high above every soul on earth.


4) And then comes some adrenaline rush sports- skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving and the like, partly because it’s something I both look forward to and fear and mostly because Facebook is filled with pictures of daredevil stunts and mesmerizing views.


5) Money crunch has brought about a winning idea in my head regarding business- Jewellery making. Unfortunately, I lack the skills and thus, its regard on my bucket list.


I’m sure this should suffice for now. I refuse to write more until I strike at least one of these points off as a symbol of victory, contentment.

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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