“Tell one joke no?”

10361327_834845313258942_8482170046260000832_nStandup Comedy is no joke. Seriously…


Aravind (SA) is a Filmmaker by Profession, a conservative Madrasi by compulsion, which is a very bad combination, so he does Stand Up Comedy out of frustration.

Location: Gents Toilet

Actors: Random Creepy Man and Me

“Hey! You’re only that Stand Up Comedian boy who is all over Facebook, no?”

“Yes. What about it?”

“Tell one joke no, Tell one joke no, Tell one joke no!”

“DEI! ONNUKKU POGA VIDU DA!”  (Translation: Let me piss in peace da!)

Ever since I became a Stand Up Comedian, this has been a common theme across all events. A Stand Up Comedian is expected to be funny all the time. This is an unwarranted burden of this profession which I’m yet to come to terms with.

It gets worse when some people come and do us a favour by sharing some of their classic ‘material’ and magnanimously quipping – “Feel free to use it in your shows. I won’t ask for royalty and all.”  (Cue: World’s most awkward and irritating self obsessed laughter)

So let me set the record straight about certain things…

Yes, Stand Up Comedians are always thinking about jokes but they aren’t always looking to be funny.

Yes, Stand Up Comedians are always seeking material but they aren’t desperate enough to borrow yours.

Give us some credit no? We really appreciate your intent to help but trust us, we know what we are doing. I’m sure you won’t be going to T.M.Krishna in a party and suddenly break into an Ka(m)bodhi Aalaap before signing off  saying – “Hey, you can use this in your next concert. I won’t ask for royalty and all.”

The art of Stand Up Comedy is taken lightly by many and I find this very interesting. Maybe it is because we’re still at a nascent stage with its development out here.  Many a time I have people telling me that they’ve got a few original jokes under their sleeves and that they’d love to give Stand Up a go. I always encourage such endeavours. *evil grin*

…Because when you try your hand at it, one way or the other, you’d know that Stand Up Comedy is no joke *badumtiss*

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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3 Responses to “Tell one joke no?”

  1. Loved reading the article, just as your shows :) Typical magnanimous madras mama rendering their collections. Please pardon them :P BTW., would love more vid snippets in FB page.


  2. I have gone up to TM Krishna at a party, told him some fundas and said he can use it. So, I’m an equal opportunity offender.


  3. sakthi says:

    i am recently watch your program in you tube “virgin capital of india” awesome perfomence.
    s.aravind bro your expressions and way of presentation is good.i am waiting for your new performence.if you think i am not eligible to say this but your performence is awesome.


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