AswinAt first life seems like a series of random incidents. But after a while, when you look back, you realize all the dots connect. You realize there is meaning in life. You realize you have come so far, and are still alive. You stop and hear yourself breathe. You feel your heart beat on your pinky finger. You go hug the person next to you. You call your mother just to hear her voice. You switch on the TV to watch Masterchef Australia. And life goes on. This article is as random as that.

Aswin Rao – Erstwhile coder who quit it all to become a photographer, only to find perspective in advertising, catharsis in standup comedy, and too much dhaniya powder in Saravana Bhavan’s sambhar.


When you’re ten, you start looking up.
When you’re twenty, you start looking around.
When you’re thirty, you start looking within.
When you’re forty, you start looking down.
When you’re fifty, you start looking back.
When you’re sixty, you start looking at the obituary column in The Hindu.


There are three kinds of people at a swimming pool.
One that will jump head first into the pool.
Another that will take the steps and get in.
And the third that will simply skinny-dip their feet and refuse to get in.

Life is like a swimming pool.

RANDOM 11 COMMANDMENTS FOR ARTISTES (because 10 is too mainstream)

  1. THOU will quit a high paying job with absolutely no clue about life.
  2. THOU will talk to every Kingfisher Beer and/or Old Monk Rum to figure out the meaning of life.
  3. THOU will realize thy inner creative spark and pick up a camera / brush / pen / mic / ladle / member of the opposite sex.
  4. THOU will possess no currency or career path.
  5. THOU will see lovely vacation pictures only on friends’ facebook walls.
  6. THOU will be distracted by a million things around thyself.
  7. THOU will fail at least once or twice or many times.
  8. THOU will appear at the right place at the right time, more than once.
  9. THOU will have thy life-story passed around peers as inspiration.
  10. THOU will be the toast of the internet.
  11. THOU will throw away everything and start all over again.
(No extra large pizza, with all toppings, from Papa John’s was consumed during the writing of this piece.)

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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  1. Akhil pai says:

    Thou shall smile so wide that happydent people will feel jealous.


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