Listicles That You Must Definitely Read About Artists

BalaI wanted to write something about artists, as I know. I also wanted to avoid (abstain myself from) using complex words and unwanted (?!) adjectives. So yeah…

“My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor….” I’d like to say something this dramatic, for now it’s just, “My name is Balakumaran, Stand up comedian, Writer.

5 Pickup Lines That You Can Use As An Artist

Next time you meet a girl(/person) whom you are attracted to, walk up straight to her (/him). Look deep into her(/his) eyes and try these pick-up lines.

  1. I’m an artist, are you applause? Because I crave for you always.
  2. Are you spot light, I like to hog you?
  3. Are you a good review? Because you make me smile.
  4. You look like a well written script; I’m going to spend all my time understanding you. (You look like a well written script; I like to get deep into your sub texts.)
  5. Are you inspiration, because I like to have you always…

2 Reasons Why You Should Date An Artist

  1. He (/she) can come up with such pick up lines.
  2. Even if it doesn’t work, an artist will work hard to make it work and attain perfection.

5 Memes Only Stand-Up Comedians Will Understand






About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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