Just BELIEVE! :)

DeepaWhile I have been writing a LOT on leadership and parenting, writing a blog on theatre is a virgin attempt! Well, what is life without a ‘first time’! So here we go. :)

Deepa Aathreya – An MBA – Mother of Two – survived two near to death road accidents – sold balloons on streets – Founder and CEO School Of Success! – Worked With Over 20000 children till date helping them take charge and LEAD – Conducted over 1000 teacher training workshops – Senior Facilitator @ Happy Cow

Won several awards and accolades for her outstanding contribution towards leadership for kids, teachers and parents.

I met with a terrible road accident a few years ago. Kissed death and got back to life! Our car crashed into a lorry head on! Aaand, I obviously survived! :) Bones broken – faith intact- multiple surgeries done… My left hand wouldn’t move as there was a nerve damage. 6 months of complete bed rest was advised since I had broken my hip too!

Our bed room at home suddenly looked like a hospital room – With a folding cot, drips, injections, nurses and medicines.

While doctors said 6 months, I got on to my wheel chair in just a month and insisted I get to work!

To me ‘work is meditation’ and I knew that I would feel a LOT better if I saw my little darlings. :)

I got into my class on a wheel chair. My colleague was handling an interactive theatre session. As part of character building, the kids had to transform into an imaginary character of their choice and burst into a story. Children in class were soooo happy to see me, they came pouncing at me with loads of hugs and kisses!

Mixed emotions running through me. A sense of accomplishment that I actually managed to squeeze into the wheelchair amidst pain, a bit of fear hoping and praying my left hand gets to work sooon! By the way, the doctors predicted that it would take 2-3 years or even more for me to start moving my hand.

While my thoughts were swaying in all directions, there was this teeny tiny bundle of joy 5 year old in my class named Taarika. She took a ruler and converted it into a magic wand, put on my scarf as a cape and transformed herself into a magician (I guess). In her baby slang she said, “Abracadabra whooooooosh. Don’t worry aunty, I have a magic spell on you. All angels are working hard to get you back on your feet!”

I burst out laughing and said, “Aw! So sweet! Really??”

Taarika, in a commanding tone said, “Just BELIEVE, okay!”

Just believe! What a powerful statement it was! To believe in you when no one else does – now, that makes a champion! While Taarika thought she was playing an imaginary character, she actually transformed me for life! My recovery went on a fast track mode after that. Even today, my left hand has some issues… If I use it too much, it trembles! But that’s okay, who cares! I simply BELIEVE, life is beautiful the way it is! :)

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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  1. Terrific start, Deepa! Waiting to read more….


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