The Drama in my Classroom

Rathy1The lovely kids you will meet in your class. The drama that ensues before getting on stage.

Bhagirathy is a Consultant with Happy Cow. She is an extremely bad bathroom singer, two left legged ballroom dancer and a wall-less muralist.

She wants to feature on the cover of a magazine by 40 years of age failing which she plans to build a tree house deep inside the forests of Bangalla in the hopes of becoming The Phantom’s wife.

Everything happens for a reason. In my case everything happened by chance. I became a theatre artist because they needed a Dancing Tree (a story for another day) just two days before the show. I got associated with Happy Cow because I was fascinated by a project and asked if I can just observe the project. I have handled kids who had just started talking and kids who can’t be called kids anymore. But be whatever age, you will encounter the following lovelies if you happen to teach a bunch of kids.


She will be the one who will jump onto you and give you the warmest hug when you enter the class. The downside? She will never release you from the hug. This Attention Seeker will cling onto you, your leg, your hand practically immobilizing you. Trying to pry her away from you will result in a tantrum and tear-fest.

The Cry Baby on the other hand will start with a tear fest, end with a tear fest and fill the in between space with a tear fest. I am not even kidding, she was crying copiously when I met this kid. Any sort of special attention only resulted in more tears. But to her credit, she did get on stage finally and did her part beautifully, crying all the way.

If you hear incessant laughter during class it is not because you are way too funny, only you have found the Class bully. She will heckle and laugh at everyone including you and herself while the class is on. She will perform the most emotional monologue of Hamlet, giggling all the while, spoiling it for everyone and Shakespeare.

You will love the next one. The Teacher’s pet. She will be the first to arrive, last to leave, ask amazing questions, surprise you with delightful improves, push you to explore more on a theme and will assist you in every possible way. She does not try to impress, theatre just comes naturally to her. You will want to adopt her as your understudy and teach her the little theatre you know, happily.

They will fill you with various emotions. But at the end of the day, they are yours and you won’t trade them for anything under the sun. When brought together, these kids will stun you by putting together an amazing production. They will strive to learn more. They will take your pointers and work studiously. Yes, you will find a zombie, female vigilante, cowboys, unicorns that identify the color of wind. But when you see the zombie never breaking out of character, the cowgirl improving on spot because the other kid forgot her line, the 4 year old unicorn remembering stage directions and making sure not to overlap others, you know that your job is well done.

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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