My Trysts With Theatre

AshankAshank shares life “gyaan” that he is learning and experiencing through theatre in his day to day life.

Ashank Bhandari is a trainer with Training Sideways, passionate coder, Theatre Enthusiast, Actor, aspiring Director, Radical Mime Practitioner, PJ-equality-rights-fighter and basically someone who likes making long lists like this one.

“The Theatre is so endlessly fascinating because its so accidental. Its so much like life” – Arthur Miller

Ok ok! I had to Google that one out when I got around to writing this. But the context it essentially sets is super true, at least in my case. In March 2014, I quit my ‘well-settled’ Corporate job to pursue a career in arts. That decision of course did come with the baggage of some of my relatives thinking that I now live on the streets. :P

Every single thing I do today in life is somehow connected to theatre – including coding! Like really! See, every piece of code written has a beginning, a middle and an end. There is always a purpose for every line and ‘Subtext’ is written in the form of comments!… * I had written 93 more lines on this but they were brutally cut out by the editor :X *

To most people, Theatre comes across as something fun/recreational and if done well, makes the entire preparation process look very easy.

To break it down, here are a couple of life skills that I could interpret from the little experience I have had in Theatre so far…

1. ‘Team work’ – A play is usually put together by folks who probably would’ve never met each other before, but yet have to put their personal games down make the overall performance a grand success ~ much like our work places or even newly married couples :P
2. ‘Zoning in’ – Every actor needs to zone into the groove of the character before getting on stage. This is often done to stay focussed and battle distractions that keep coming up. Some people spend months just doing that! ~ much like how we need to focus on our day to day jobs and avoid distractions #SocialMediaFail
3. ‘Memory improvement’ – Finding innovative methods and visual techniques of learning lines will help ensure you never forget your anniversary :P
4. ‘Holistic View’ – A ‘performance’ is not just about yourself and your lines. All aspects of a show need to be at its best for the overall show to be a brilliant success ~ much like having empathy towards your family & team and realizing that the spotlight will not always be on you.

5. ‘The Show Must Go On’ – Not all shows are always a hit. Taking them by your stride and learning to make a fool of yourself in front of 100s of people makes you an Iron Man (pun intended).

…The list is actually much long but I was given ‘the eye’ by the editor, again!
Some of them are on the lines of the Training Sideways mantra and one must experience it to believe in it.

Theatre is an experience best served when cooked by self. So! What are you waiting for? Go! Do some drama today :)

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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