What does a Theatre Enterprise do, if not Theatre?

It has been a magnificent 2014 for Evam, as a Theatre Enterprise, but ironically our ‘Staging of a play’ efforts were on the back burner, after ‘Ali J’ ran into Fundamentalist opposition. It was meant to be our India touring property for 2014, and that wasn’t to be.

But it was interesting to have the world and our comrades speculate on what DOES a Theatre enterprise do, if not Theatre – and ironically me saying that we had a magnificent 2014 baffles many even more.

“Drama isn’t an end in itself – it’s a means to multiple ends.”

This has largely been the import of the journey of Evam, and its metamorphosis over the past 12 years. We have been finding our identity – one which combines being true to ourselves, while staying commercially viable with a sustainable future. We have always seen Evam as a symptom of what could happen with the Arts and Drama, rather than a personal journey alone for the individuals involved.

“Drama” is like energy – and Evam is that energy – this energy when applied in different forms to different people brings about different kinds of changes…

When it enters into a children’s educational curriculum, as Happy Cow, it makes the child more curious, experiment more and discover themselves. The same happens when awkward teenagers find their ‘centre’ when facing an audience, as do middle aged corporates who suddenly see themselves in a different light, with First Rush.

In this way Evam has been more about the drama in your life, and making YOU experience it, rather than just the drama we do as “performance” for you.

Evam Corporate Training / Sideways Training has used this energy to activate minds which operate within the realms of an Organizational agenda, in the most magical and value generative fashion. LIVEfromEvam saw the Metroplus Theatre festival through a year of cost cutting and staying lean – something new for the festival, but an easy way of life for the Theatre, one that we are gloriously used to. Evam Standup Tamasha saw its more cathartic growth year, with Standup itself finding its footing in India – and we realised we are the ONLY Standup movement in the Country which ventured into Standup Comedy from “4th wall breaking” in Theatre – it’s our 4th year into this discipline. For us Standup Comedy is autobiographical drama that heals, while loosening your guard with Humour.

What does a Theatre Enterprise do, if not Theatre – well it makes the world use Theatre and make meaning of it. We didn’t perform theatre as much as we would have liked to…

But that only means we didn’t consume as much of the magic potion ourselves, this year – that only makes us hungry, and not “inactive” as the world wonders – au contraire.

2015 will see #TheatreIsBack from us – but in every way, it is what we make, and also make sense of the world with – Theatre!

– KK


Karthik Kumar is the co-founder & director of Evam Entertainment. His energy and zeal for life in theatre is infectious. Catch him on stage as a stand up comic in Laugh OK Please on Feb 1, 2015.

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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