Recap 2014 :)


Karthik Kumar, the co-founder & director of Evam Entertainment wrote an article for Hindu that recaps his experience in India in 2014. Read on..

It has been a quite a year for me personally – successfully avoiding Candy Crush invites from friends and several unfriends; staying unconverted into any new religion other than ‘Raju Hirani’; figuring the climax of InterStellar and walking away with a sense of assurance; realising that there seems to be a miraculous continuity between the Hobbit and LOTR series of films and thinking of writing a book series on the same (wish me luck!); Converting to Apple after it finally launched its own Android phone called iPhone 6; uninstalled Flappy birds; was denied an Adhaar card but successfully (ironically) got a US Visa; lost my Chief Minister, therefore had to find and found a sense of humour; and still eagerly awaiting the next single of ‘Adele Dazeem’ who seems to be the ‘most hyped singer’ without a song; restored faith in the uselessness of Rohit sharma after my faith was disturbed mildly midway through the year; I must say i had it good… but what about India, you say?

Top 10 things that happened to and in India in 2014…

  1. Every bit of information and News had to be presented in ‘Top 10 format’ in order to attraction any attention at all from anyone, bringing the bullet point back into vogue, and declaring all numbers past 11… If you can’t say it as ‘Ten things something something’, then might as well not say it at all.
  2. Twitter ensured this campaign further with each of the Top 10 items staying under 140 characters – if any event took place that strayed beyond this number, the happenstance of the event was withdrawn and the event proceeded to wipe itself out from history along with people’s minds.
  3. Facebook ensured that all Events that took place had to involve oneself – which means unless ‘you’ were in it, it didn’t really happen, unless someone tagged ‘you’ in it and ‘you’ hadn’t taken the pains to untag yourself. ‘You’tube had a good year
  4. IPL, PKL, ISL, IEL – the first involved Cricket, the second involved Kabbadi, the third involved something Super, and the 4th was a short form given to the Elections in order to popularise it amongst Youngsters so that they would somehow participate. Some youth did get involved, voting for parties which had short forms within 3 letters to make things easy for themselves – but most others tuned into the Elections on their smartphones and were left complaining they couldn’t find the Vote button.
  5. Kashmir got flooded in anticipation of the Modi wave which reached only by the end of the year. In that way both Gujarat and J&K, got ahead of themselves.
  6. Both the Prime Ministers (of 2014) of India left the country, one migrated to Canada and the other is expected back only by the end of 2015.
  7. Mangalyan got into Mars orbit at half the budget of Kochadaiyan and Lingaa…
  8. PMO asked for a Swacch Bharat and Mukesh Ambani took it upon himself to Clean India out. This year,  after Mumbai Indians was reported by the media to have lost the IPL making Nita aunty very upset, Mukesh bought the ‘Media’, and reported that such an event never took place. Nita aunty became happy.
  9. Telugu is no longer the language of Andhra Pradesh – all residents of the State formerly knows as AP will now speak Java.
  10. Peace reigned in India mostly, except for internal Terrorist attacks such as Operation Bang Bang, Action Jackson, Happy New Year, Singham 2, which even the Taliban refused to take credit for.

Many other things happened, but referring back to point 1, and point 8, no one is really sure. They say an Indian won the Nobel Prize, but we have yet to get confirmation from Nita aunty on the same.

Karthik Kumar, according to his Twitter handle is an Artivist, Entrepreneur, Actor, Director and Standup Comic with ‘Evam Standup Tamasha’ – he denies it.

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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