Up Close and Personal: The Cast of Urban Turban 2

After breaking down the myth that is the director of Urban Turban 2, we turn our attention to the actual stars of the show: Yudhishthir, Madhuri, Naveen and Aravind join us in a last-ditch effort of finally being serious.

The Cast of Urban Turban 2

Naveen, Madhuri, TMK, Aravind and Yudi

Q1. If you were called to an awards ceremony, what would you say about your director, Shoosha?

Aravind / SA (pronounced Yessae): The greatest thing about Shoosha the director is his ubiquitous and soft spoken conscience as an actor. I think it’s actually a collective voice of all the pitiable directors he has worked with in the past, reminding him politely of his illusionary acting skills.

Yudhishthir / Yudi: Soosha?? Whoosaat? This award is mine … ALL MINE! My Preciousssssssss … MUHUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Madhuri: Thank you Shoosha, for making me look good. In fact, standing next to Shoosha makes anyone look good!

Q2. We know a lot of crazy things happen on the sets of Urban Turban 2. Yes, we know. Care to share some?

Seriously, no seriousness.

Yudi: Believe it or not – Rajeev entered the room riding a unicycle with carnival music playing in the background and delivered his entire piece in Shakespearean English. Madhuri did multiple back flips while Soosha whipped Naveen and Yessae and made them jump through rings of fire. Oh and during all this, I did the trapeze with Baggy.

Madhuri: You want to know something besides Baggy demonstrating his incredible skills with fart-boxing? (Like beat-boxing, but even more impressive.)

Ed: Let’s not continue down that path.

Q3. And now, what movie quote would you like to be remembered with?

Naveen: For all the people who keep asking me why I’m still studying law, it’s because Michael Corleone in Godfather 3 said, “finish your law degree …”

Yudi: My name is Bahadur and I am NOT a watchman!

Madhuri: “You are not only genius, you are indigenious.” – DDLJ.

Q4. Tell us something that is seriously wrong about another actor in Urban Turban 2.

SA: I think Madhuri has serious split personality issues between the Mylapore Mami and the Manhattan Mandy. My advice: Mami FTW!

Yudi: Yessae has a machine gun of a mouth. No wonder the birds don’t understand a word he spoke! :P

Madhuri: I think Yudi is awesome, but I don’t believe that it’s a lucky rabbit’s foot he keeps stroking in his pocket.

Q5. The final question: if you were giving a convocation speech to college students who were just passing out, what would be your parting words?

Yudi: For those who are about to pass out, go easy on the alcohol.

Naveen: I paid 90,000 bucks a year to teach myself how to doodle.

SA: Where did I come from? Where am I to go? Why should I be someone ? When I’m what you know! Let’s go with the flow …

Ed: SA isn’t dreaming this! See:

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