Taller Tales from the top of his head : Interrogating Shoosha

1. What is Urban Turban and what are you upto with UT2?

Shoosha: In the 8 years of our existence, for the last 3 years especially we have been very selective in picking great stories and performing shows which are very entertaining and wins the audience in the best possible way.Five Point Someone is the best example for that.We realized that we all are living Urban Lives and we have many experiences to share, interesting stories to talk about which are typically drawing room conversations and chit-chat. So we thought about bringing these experiences and stories narrated by common people like us on stage and thats how Urban Turban happened. Literally “Tall Tales From the Top of Our Heads” as we say it.

After the success of Urban Turban we worked towards getting more stories, we did auditions in Chennai and Bangalore to build yet another show Urban Turban 2 with another set of interesting urban tales.

2.What makes the best director according to you? And what kind of director are you?

Shoosha:Well a good director should be crystal clear about what he wants from the show and what he want the actors to do. Also he should be empathetic, there are always cases were the director might not get exactly what he wants in terms of actors and other resources. The actors have ego clashes at times. So the director does the balancing act. He realizes all these limitations and aims at creating the best possible show with what he has. After-all he is the Captain of the Ship. And I keep these as my principles while I am directing.

3. Are you a crazy workaholic!?

Shoosha:Yes I am. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, so I get very much involved with my work. But I am trying to fight it. I try spending more time with my family and have a better work life balance.

4.What is going on in your mind when you are working with a new set of actors? Not too much torture I hope. Is it something like ‘kahan phans gaya yaar ‘ ?

Shoosha: Well, its always little scary while working with new actors. The first few days especially, when they are new to you and you are new them. But you need to know them as people, connect with them. They do bring in certain level of honesty, commitment and trust and you get the best out of them when they are comfortable.

4.Shoosha the director? Or Shoosha the actor? Why?

Shoosha: Director :-> It’s more fun to to tell a story through many people than telling just yours as an actor.

5.Do you think Shoosha’s name will be remembered down in history? As what?

Shoosha: Well I keep myself busy thinking about near future and not distant future, so I haven’t given it a thought. But yes if you have done a good work, if you have done good things people who are are close to you will definitely remember you.

6.If you have the choice of actors from around the globe, what kind of play would you want to direct them in?

Shoosha:The play which I love to do should be fresh in terms of content and not a typical canned entertainment. It should have a great impact on the audience. At the end of the show they should be happy and desperate to share their experiences with their near ones.

I remember when I got the opportunity to watch few plays abroad in UK and US. I saw Lion King which was a musical and few others. After the show I was so happy and amazed with the what I witnessed that I just rushed to buy the official merchandise which was on sale outside the show. But I could get my hands only on the MP3 CD they were selling.

Well I have a mini laptop which doesn’t have a CD drive and I have an iPOD, so basically I could never listen to it conveniently. But the point is you don’t apply all this rationale while buying the CD because you just want to bring whatever possible from the show available at that moment because you got connected to it very well and you loved.

Thats the kind-of impact I would like to create from my show.

And honestly I don’t need the best actors for this. Yes its always good have and work with great actors. But I would always prefer the team to be a mix of good and new or raw talent. You might create something totally new. And as long has you have actors with the right intent and energy you will create a successful show.

7.If Evam were a tomato, what would Shoosha be?

Shoosha : A farmer who sowed the seeds and nurtured it. But the beauty of it is it belongs to the world now.

8.U have to bitch one liners about your cast.

Shoosha :

  1. Yudhistir Rana : I wish he could quit his job.
  2. Madhuri : You have an ACCENT!!
  3. SA aka Aravind) Its FILM not FILIM.
  4. Naveen : Its 2011 not 1960s. Grow up!!
  5. Rajiv : Every line is NOT a punchline.

9. Lastly a message for Evam Fans on facebook?

Shoosha : I am very excited to present a new and exclusive show to you all. And please come over if you want to meet four interesting personalities telling taller and interesting tales from the top of their heads and enjoy the show.

Interrogated  By : Deeban Chakravarthy

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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5 Responses to Taller Tales from the top of his head : Interrogating Shoosha

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  2. karthick r says:

    :) too good.
    One liners at the last are the pick of the lot..


  3. Nitin says:

    Hey Bhopali.. All the best.

    One Question to Director..
    How much different/difficult it is directing in different languages? Say comfort directing in English, Tamil or Hindi.
    Is it true that a certain beauty of the story lies in the language?


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