On Art…

Evam is back in Banglaore with their earliest production, Art, and there is much excitement happening. We caught up with Jimmy, one of the three protagonists of Art, and asked him about the play.

Us: Old timers at Evam are abuzz about Art happening again. What gives? :)
Jimmy: At the risk of repeating yourself Art is happening again. The truth is that its been a while since we’ve performed Art and I think there is a collective opinion at evam that it is our classiest play. Also the theatre going audience has increased in the last couple of years and there is a whole bunch of theatre audiences who haven’t seen our version of Art. So that’s what gives.

Us: So what role do you play in Art?

J: There are 3 friends in the play Mark, Yvan and Serge and a painting. I play Serge. I’ve just bought the painting and thereby set off a chain of reactions that threaten to spiral out of control.

Us: Is that the role you want to play, or do you have your eye on another one in the play?

J: Actually i want to play the role of the painting. Imagine the play would then revolve around me :). Actually I’d like to play the role of Yvan. Only because the role is a direct opposite of me in real life and would therefore pose and extremely interesting challenge from an acting perspective.

Us: Funniest goof up you’ve seen happen on stage for Art..

J: Oh there have been several. 2 come to mind immediately. The painting belongs to me and should logically be only in my house. However when there was a scene change to Yvan’s house, the crew forgot to take the painting away, so there it was looking all lost in Yvan’s house. Another was Sunil muffing up his lines. In a long monologue he was tripping all over the words and at some point said something to the effect of “my mother in law swallowed her tongue”. It took a lot of effort to not crack up on stage
Us: Art, the play, in a line…

J: A story that seems funny but has definite complex and interesting undertones

Aand, there you go. That, is A glimpse of Art. Watch this space for more sneak peeks, and of course, if you’re in Bangalore, just head to Rangashankara on the  5th, 6th and 7th of April, or Museum theatre in Chennai on 16th April, to catch the real thing!

About EVAM

Founded in 2003 by Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar, ‘evam’ today is a profitable young thriving arts organization making people believe in the power of the Arts.
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2 Responses to On Art…

  1. yatisa says:

    It was awesome. . . . one of the best plays I’ve seen. Will catch you guys at Cut 2 bangalore, if everything falls in place. Cheers


  2. karthick r says:

    Hey People!
    It was lovely watching your play “Art” at the museum theater last evening. At the end Karthik mentioned about 39 steps to be screened in a couple of days/weeks/months [I don’t remember].
    Please write to me if you guys are playing anywhere in Chennai.
    Keep Playing. Keep entertaining.


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