Story behind the story!

The evaMOUSE flashback!

-the story behind the stories-

Evam has always wanted to tell children’s stories! Infact a little known fact is that the first show evam did as soon as it came into existence was a children’s story telling for the launch of Harry Potter book in 2003!!…

We have grabbed at every opportunity to work with kids be it working with Children’s ward at Cancer Institute or this years summer workshop for kids and  hopefully a children’s play in the coming year!!!

So when Karadi Tales approached us to do the audio book – we were thrilled!

But little did we know what we were getting into.

The months which followed had its share of drama

…receiving the stories from Shobha and casting for them

…getting evam actors to “act” with their voices with no audience

…getting to see the illustrations and going “wow”

….and trying to get the actors to match the voice of the characters!! Phew!!

….making myself and Kelly do retakes after retakes to sound like decent animalsJ

…..watching Anil work for months to come up with his magical musical score and then improvising on it in seconds and making it look so cool and brilliant and easy at the same time

…. working with the ever talented, ever patient, sound designer  Vedanth Bharadwaj long after midnight in his studio in T Nagar

… Making VJK run from karadi to evam to studio with those cd’s

… attending feedback sessions where we waited to hear the verdict as Narayan, Shobha and Manasi listened in

…. listening to Karthik modulating his voice and we telling him- “it’s for kids, go slow, go slow!!”

… getting mesmerized by Subhiksha’s singing (and the Grammy for the melodiest mouse ever goes to her!!)

…fighting, Recording, smiling, fighting, re recording, fighting, getting irritated and finally re recording to get it right!! (hopefully)

It was fulltoop drama n masti but hey- our first audio story book is finally out there!!

And we await your verdict…

You can hear and read “The Lion and the Mouse”  at right now!! And you can buy the rest at Landmark or Amazon!!

Do tell us what u liked or didn’t like and we promise to take the mouse to task J !!

At evam, stories are very important, very very important .. And this is just one of the ways for us to connect stories to kids, kids to stories, kid stories to us, us to kids… you get the point, right?!

So, maybe next we would do a children’s fantastical musical play – what say?

Squeak or Scowl?



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5 Responses to Story behind the story!

  1. Piyush says:

    Great Going….loved the one I listened to.


  2. yamini says:



  3. Vaisakh says:

    liked it!! :)’s the response from the stores?


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