Squeak! Squeak! The evaMOUSE speaks!!

Ok! Boys and girls! Here is the lateshht from evam … introducing our new friend to all of you – “the mouse”… and please don’t mistake him for an ordinary mouse… though this friend of ours may seem like a “mouse next door”  but get closer to him and you will get to know all about his  “Indiana Jones” kind of fun adventures. We met him last year .when he was introduced to us by our dear friend karadi and soon became the thickest of buddies! Infact, we had so much fun listening to his adventures that we decided to actually help bring his exploits to all of you!!

Karadi tales came up with the idea of telling his stories in the form of audio books and evam said “Squeak!! Of course!” with a huge smile which went from ear to ear J

So a lot of people got together…

The Karadi tales (www.karaditales.com) team of  Story writers Shobha Viswanath, Lavanya R. N. and Pankaja Srinivasan. , Illustrator Malavika PC + the evam (www.evam.in)team consisting of  musical genius Anil Srinivasan (http://thisandtheother.com/), the talented Vedant Bharadwaj  (http://vedanth.in/Vedanth/),actors Sunil, Kalyani and finally our narrator Karthik Kumar! And lo behold we had 4 exciting fun filled stories ready!!

And now, they are available for you to listen to!! You can hear and read “The Lion and the Mouse” at http://www.karaditales.com/WhatsNew.aspx right now!! And if you want to pick up the rest of the books, just visit any leading book shops and online stores in India. They also ship worldwide from the Karadi shop. They are also available at amazon.comflipkart.com, and amarchitrakatha.com!

And yes- please don’t forget to mail in your feedback !!

And no cheesy comments, ok?!!


Team evam!

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1 Response to Squeak! Squeak! The evaMOUSE speaks!!

  1. Karadi Tales says:

    Yayyyyyy! :-) Bear hugs from Karadi to you guys!


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