Tickets and a chance to act in Five point someone!

After weeks on the road (Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Nagpur via Chandigarh) Five Point Someone finally hit Delhi this weekend, and boy are we kicked! So, we’ve got a couple of exciting contests lined up for Delhi folks -we’re giving you the chance to come review the play, and even act in it!

If you want to review the play, just tweet with the hashtag #fpsdelhi and we’ll give you tickets to come watch and do exactly that. Also, just tweeting with the hashtag’ll win you the tickets, so go right ahead!

But if you’re more adventurous than that, you could be on stage at Delhi, in the play! Mail us ( a writeup, a whacky video or whatever else, telling us why we should pick you to act in FPS. Winning entry’ll also be put up on this blog.

Whether you’re gunning for the tickets or your 2 minutes of stage fame, get kicking now, shows’re at LTG in Delhi this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (12th-14th Mar). See you there!

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2 Responses to Tickets and a chance to act in Five point someone!

  1. Dev B says:

    want to join ur team.
    I know I am millionth people to write similar line but I really want so can’t stop my self to post on ur blog.


  2. megzone says:

    why no performances in mumbai :(


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