Brinjals and protests!

SWAT is a non-profit social organisation started by a bunch of inspired college students. Here’s a heads up on their latest- check it out!

Monsanto, a MNC, is trying to introduce BT Brinjal ( Genitically Modified brinjal) into the indian market. The dangers of untested GM (genitically modified) food are mind boggling. Italy, Greece, Austria, Poland and numerous other nations have banned GM food. Innumerable deaths and complications have been recorded all over the world because of GM food. Developing nations which don’t have concrete laws against GM are easy targets for these MNCs. GM foods are patented, meaning, farmers don’t own their seeds anymore. It gives them an ominous control over our food industry.

We are not against GM food that is beneficial IF it has been properly tested and the results verified. What we’re against is peddling improperly tested products to third world nations and the dangerous degree of control the MNCs get over our food supply by patenting their products
An awarness rally about GM food will be held on Tuesday (5th jan ) 5 p.m at marina beach. I implore you to spread the word. If you can be there or if you need more information, contact :

Vivek: 9884650983

Gajan: 9566130613

Join the SWAT facebook event here

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