evam meets Chetan Bhagat! :-)

Last weekend our team met up with the author of our next big production, Five Point Someone’s Chetan Bhagat!

He was in namma Chennai for promoting for his book, “Two States” and took some time off  -after a very “fulfilling” ghee dosa at a local restuarant :P – to interact with us.

We chatted up for a while, shared our plans for the National Tour of “Five Point Someone” and discussed how the adaptations was going to go. (Our costume designer wanted to know how the geeks and professors of the 90s dressed up and Chetan seemed to show considerable interest in Neha :P )

The plans are out, and we can’t wait for India to check it out! Keep watching this space for more!



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One Response to evam meets Chetan Bhagat! :-)

  1. Indhu says:

    Wow wow wow..

    To be frank I’m jealous on u guys… For both meeting Chetan and immersing in an enjoyable career… Great :)


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