Urban Turban at Bangalore!

The Urban Turban!

What do a pug called Kapalee, the jaw movements of a crocodile, cows on the roads, arranged marriage and large turbans have in common? Well, together with scrumptious food, a rocking ambience and a super crowd, they all add up to Evam’s “Urban Turban” at Kyra on the 29th of December in namma Bangaluru.
High and fresh out of it, the play is now hitting Alliance on the 11th and 12th of December, and we can’t wait for more of Bangalore to check it out!

Quoting the director, Sunil Vishnu K. – “The Show is our way of creating a stage platform, where we all get to vent …oops…share our urban stories – tall tales from the top of our head.. of the urban, by the urban ,for the urban,  stories set in urban reality… told from the heart and with a sense of humour- all in all an evening of urban angst and soul served right up your alley! Slice of life urban stories meets desi indian stand-up comedy meets evam to create URBAN TURBAN!’’


Alliance Francaise, Vasanthnagar

Dec 11th– 5:30pm (@ Rs. 150), 8pm

Dec 12th– 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm

Tickets- Rs. 200

Tickets available at

Landmark (both), Crossword Book Store (Residency Road), Blossoms Book House (Church Street), Goobe’s Book Republic (Church Street) & www.indianstage.in

For details, call 9686467771 or 09840222363

On-ground partner – Landmark

Retail partner – Fabindia

Hospitality partner – The Church Street Inn

Join facebook event here

Cheers! See you there!

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11 Responses to Urban Turban at Bangalore!

  1. Hey folks,
    Just got back home after seeing your show guys.. Wow.U guys rock for sure !!
    Am a theater artist too but haven’t been practicing for a year now. I do stand up too, specially with the Indian Spice theme. Will try to contact U guys before leaving abroad, may be I can team up too.
    Pls do mail up if U have time.
    And thanks to all who made it a great success, and specially to Karthik, he did a great job.. :)
    Best Wishes on the road ahead.


  2. rabhinder says:

    thanks a lot vasanth!!

    yes, do contact us and SHARE your story with us :-)



  3. rabhinder says:

    mail the script.. and we’ll decide.. complete democracy :P

    and yes, sooner the better :)
    shoot it to mailevam@gmail.com



  4. Abhiram says:

    Hey folks,

    I just got a chance to watch the show last week sat at 3. And it was really awesome worth every minute spent there and even i guess Karthik u got to come up with the musical soon…. :) (for the very first time)

    The stage was apt and the platform for new comers made really nice. All the best the coming shows….

    U guys rock !!!!!!!!!

    “I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”- Oscar Wilde


  5. rabhinder says:

    hey Abhiram!

    so glad you liked the show! thanks for your wishes and thoughts, they really make all this worthwhile!

    And always remember, you are your dream!


  6. Mithun says:

    Hey guys,

    Just back after watching Urban Turban.. It was brilliant!! Was so hilarious.. Waiting for more shows from Evam in Bangalore :)


  7. K Mythreya says:

    This show was really something different!
    But as special as the others!
    I had got my friend along with me, she was watching a play for the first time. At first I was skeptical if she would like it or not, but she had an amazing time. Thanks to you guys!!!
    Well I really loved the show… have to mention especially karthik’s as I am also a south indian brahmin so I could identify his jokes a lot!!!
    Superb Guys
    Keep the good work going!!!!



  8. Nivedita says:

    I’d attended your staging of “The Importance of Being Earnest” a couple of months ago at Rangashankara,Bangalore, walked out of it cursing the inept and utterly shoddy handling and production of the play, and of course, vowed never to attend an Evam production again.
    Little did I know that last Friday I would unwittingly attend yet another one at the Alliance Francaise- Urban Turban.
    Never in my theatre- going life have I sat through 2 hours of such inane, un-funny witless drivel(I could come up with more adjectives, only more unprintable). If you had staged this at any half- respectable comedy club on any other world stage, believe me, you’d have been booed off by minute five.
    30 MINUTES of lame jokes about one man’s dribbling, another 30 listening to the most unimaginative account of a foreigner’s Indian adventure ever (India is hot, and Indian food spicy, we nod our heads and cows roam the roads- tell me something else for #@$%’s sake!!), another 30 about some lame male-bonding by a rank amateur, and the last 30 about God-knows-what, because by then, I’d got my Ipod out.
    Unbelievable that you have the gall, as you yourself said, to charge money for this c#$p!
    You all are very smug about your sponsorships, and your fancy graphics, and your Power Point presentations. My advice? Use that money to invest in some good scripts (face it- your actors are no Jay Lenos or Tina Feys, or heck, even Russell Peters), some trained actors, better production design, and yes, some lessons in humility.
    I don’t think this review will be published on this blog, but even if it isn’t, I’d be happy because then I’d know that someone has read it…


  9. Balu says:

    Awesome guys. i was there with my fiance at the Bangalore show on Saturday at 3PM.

    TMK Rocks, that what I posted on the message board as well.

    Being a Tam bram myself I couldn’t have appreciated it more.

    great one ! Pls keep us posted whenever you are performing in Bangalore !


  10. Sreekanth says:

    Was there at the last week’s show. First piece was the best. Being a Vadagalai Iyengar myself, I was able to relate it to eeeesily :P

    Shannon’s show was very stale. Come on guys, we have seen, heard, and read about these a zillion times. If you can’t keep her away, atleast ask her cut down the duration, may be to 5 mins.

    3rd one was again good.

    Waiting for your updated show in Jan… :)


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