evam @ Kyra!!

evam is performing at Kyra this Sunday!

We’re performing the first time at Kyra and we’re super kicked about it! :-)

We have 3 shows of “The Show“, aka, “Urban Turban“, evam’s latest production.

The show will premiere at Kyra and the same format will hit Chennai and Bangalore in December too.

This is your chance to catch the first of it!

Sit back, eat, take a leisurely sip and get ready for an engaging 90 minutes!


Venue: Kyra, 100ft road, Indiranagar

Date: Nov 29th

Phone: 43389292, 9632203333

For more, check out www.kyra.in

Tickets available at www.bookmyshow.com and www.indianstage.in

Join the facebook event here

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