An Evening to Remember!

So many questions put forth by life, the search of whose answers, turns into a desultory dig-up of further questions. Matters of commonplace, consequence or maybe somewhere between the two. We’ve all thought about it, we all relate to it. The boundless options and choices. The prioritizing. The decision making. Ah.. Who doesn’t mull over the intricacies of life?
Finally, an evening to take light. Evam’s new stand up- Urban Turban, with Karthik Kumar, Shannon, Navin, TMK. Kickback and laugh over life’s troubles. An exciting new venture! An evening that will make your existence seem so uncomplicated and smooth. Two evenings, in fact. Come, join in the laughter on the 5th and 6th of December, in Alliance Francais- top storey at 3 pm, 530 pm and 8 pm.
You’re just 150 bucks away from experiencing “My Dog, Her name is Kapalee” and “East Aur West”. Real life in drama.

Bhavya Balantrapu- TeamEvam :)


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