The Evam Wedding!

For months, there have been rumours, murmurs, discussions and truck loads of gossip. They all say, “Pavi is getting married to Navin!” (in the interest of general readers, Pavi alias Pavithra Ramaswamy is one of evam’s oldest employees. And no, by ‘old’, we mean experience old, not age old :P )

Brief history – Navin and Pavi met at the first CUT workshop. Eyes met, hearts swapped, the whole nine yards, you get the picture right? So anyway- 4 years or so later, they are getting MARRIED!

So it began with some 8 different functions in 3 different cities. And yes, that’s why evam has been in hiding for a while. We’ve been busy with the wedding :P

So evam was basically designated two very important jobs.

A) The mehendi dance and

B) The conduct of the wedding!

So here’s the deal. The mehendi function is on Wednesday and on Monday, we decide to dance. :D Chaos and confusion, initially! Lots of it! We gathered around fifteen people to dance and organizing it wasn’t too hard after all, owing to star dancers in team like Aparna, Bhavya, Megha and the legend-wait for it-ary “LP!”. We choreographed about ten songs and D-Day was not too far away! The music began and so did the jitters! We had a really cool storyline planned out for the dance and the whole event was a HUGE hit!

The next function, the wedding was on! The bride decided that she was the “DUDE” of the wedding, with extremely comprehensive department allotments and all that jazz. Everything was super organized and absolutely brilliant.So yeah, the thaali was tied (iyengar and mallu style) and everyone was happy :)

Here’s to Pavi and Navin, we wish you guys a lifetime of happiness and to Evam, for spreading more and more happiness like we always do!


Harish Ramaswamy, Team Evam

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