Go theatrical!!

Hello, ye drama queens!

Okay, kings too. No discrimination, we live in a democratic country. Our Fundamental Rights include the right to equality, the right to freedom.. and now.. the right to THEATRE! Evam’s newest venture to democratise theatre is a go, and with a bang! Covering over 15 colleges in Tamil Nadu, Airtel Theatricals is bringing drama to campus gates!

A grand festival and competition among the top 15 colleges in Tamil Nadu, who will each produce the script given to them in 30 mins on stage. And wait there is more! They will be judged not only on their production, but on how they promoted their play and how many audiences they got to see their show! This is a competition of theatre entrepreneurship, potentially creating 15 more theatre groups and democratizing theatre among the youth.



Step 1:  Sign up for evam’s free theatre workshop in your college this October

Step 2: Turn the given script into a 30-min production, and remember you’ll have to be as creative as possible to make a mark with the judges!

Step 3: Promote it like crazy, sell/give out/pay people to buy tickets for YOUR show, stage your play and compete with the top colleges in the city!



This is the platform to launch your very own theatre group and test out the theatre and entrepreneurship qualities in you! Can you make theatre sustainable? Can you win the Airtel Theatricals trophy???

The journey starts this October! (the journey has already started and well on its way for some of the colleges. HURRY!)

Contact 9840222363/9840444916 for more information


Team Evam

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