The ECR Run!

Running eh? Umph. Exactly my initial reaction too!

Never been a fan of these group running events. I miss the point. Getting up early, running miles together, getting exhausted instead of relaxing those old muscles? Why, why? That’s exactly what we asked Subbu, an active marathon-er. “It’s all about the spirit” he says. What spirit? “Well… You RUN!! And there’re some 300 people running with you. It feels like you’re marching towards a great cause.” I’m not convinced. But.. Maybe.. Could be worth a shot.

But if you happen to be a pro-active, non-lazy, enthusiastic, energetic person- check out the ECR Run! Poster below..

For details, check out

Tell your friends, pass the word and lets get up and get runnnning! Atleast, those who want to :D

ECR Run!

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