evam beach day!!

Evam Refresh.

EVAM’S Earnest Idiot for Art Couple Hyssteria Hamlet BEACH DAY
or, for short – Evam’s E.I.A.C.H.H Beach Day (pronounced EACH BEACH DAY)

Evam mave (turn evam on its head!)

Ewham day


evam BLAZE- Fun in the surf and sun

That’s few of the hundred names we thought we would call the 22nd of August! We never fixed on anything though :D

Brief background- we though we’d take a break,  break out of the comforts of daily routine, the tranquility of the familiar and other such things! :D

And it turned out to be one of the best stress-busters we’ve had in a long time!!

Check out the snaps :-)

All hail beach houses!!


6570_246574045620_521675620_8550839_3937723_n6570_246574065620_521675620_8550843_4207572_n6570_246602075620_521675620_8552067_1052167_n6570_246574080620_521675620_8550844_5124420_n (1)

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