Hamlet: The Clown Prince

hamletBhavya Balantrapu, Team Member, MPTF reporting!

A live audience roaring with laughter at one of Shakespeare’s most stimulating tragedies, is a sure symptom for the epidemic of insensitivity. It was the 9th of August, and it was a particularly beautiful evening.
Gibberish, by definition is unintelligible talk or writing. But oh, boy! In just 75 minutes, the theater-loving folks of Madras, seated in the Sir Muttha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, became scholars of the blather. Cinematograph, Mumbai’s satirical play “Hamlet- The Clown Prince” went beyond everyone’s expectations at the Hindu MetroPlus Theater Fest 2009. Five, white faced, red nosed, exultantly dressed, swift footed clowns, didn’t leave even a minute of silence while on stage, except for the bits in which they reproduced the Shakespearean depth, succeeded by yapping in appreciation of each other for having played the role well. They were all over the stage. While the clowns under main focus made the audience chuckle, the others kept busy in the back, evoking giggles, themselves.
The team’s lights spoke a thousand dialogues. They signified a ghost, emotions, transition and whatnot! The subtle sound of woeful music lilting in the atmosphere, dark red lights filling the stage, clowns looking intense.. Hilarious morosity!
Spontaneity reigned supreme. The lively clowns not only poked fun at each other on stage, but also picked on some of the harmless audience members. Those poor souls who bought the best tickets, thinking they’d get the most fulfilling view of the stage, got a lot more than they bargained for. But all in a lighthearted way, of course!
The play ended with a boom of a standing ovation. Possibly one of the most well perceived, well adapted and more than anything else, well received performances. Director Rajat Kapoor made his mark on Madras that night!

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One Response to Hamlet: The Clown Prince

  1. Mayur says:

    hi bhavya!

    so glad to read your report on hamlet!
    about a year ago, i had more a little than similar experience when i watched hamlet for the first time. then.. then i watched it again in mumbai and then went all the way to banglore to watch it for the first time after my second! then the group went on to chennai where you watched it! :)
    i’ve become a big time fan of this brilliant play and i am hosting hamlet in pune on 6th and 7th of november, purely out of love for it. let all your friends in pune and all over know about this!
    you are most welcome to watch it again in pune! i will be glad to host you!
    you may like to join the face group for fans of hamlet here –



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